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Welcome to the August edition of the News from the Red Tees.  Our Brisbane winter doesn’t finish with a whimper, it finishes with a rip-roaring bang of wind. It’s hard to decide about August winds: should we be happy they are here as they presage spring?  Or should we just give in and admit they are an unpleasant couple of weeks of the year?  There’s plenty of golf ahead and here’s to a run of perfect golfing conditions, post another lockdown.

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Ladies President’s Note


Dear Ladies,

Another busy month has just passed.  Our champions are now determined and have their photos up on the wall.  Our pennant teams were magnificent bringing home 3 wins and almost a 4th win.  Congratulations to everyone involved.

We have another fun filled month ahead with interclub challenges, guest day, further honour board events to be finalised.

The continual opening of the Garden room, has now provided ladies with alternate venues for their lunch/ morning teas following golf.  The Ladies committee will trial different ways of continuing our trophy presentations each week.  Please remember that we will still have our major day lunches (Monthly medal, fun days etc) in the Tennyson room and notifications will be given regarding these days.

Thank you for your ongoing support in helping to keep our community together.

Enjoy our beautiful weather and good golfing to all.


Sue Lewandowski,
Ladies President

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Notices and News

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Evening Classes

The Brisbane Golf Club will host an Evening of Classics with Champagne expert and Vin De Champagne Award winner, Bernadette O’Shea and a virtual performance by award winning concert violinist, Annabelle Travers on Friday, 27 August 2021 in The Tennyson Room.



Bernadette has been saluted by France’s finest champagne makers.  They pay tribute to her exceptional palate and profound champagne knowledge.  She has been honoured in Australia since 1984 when she became the first non-professional woman to win the coveted Vin de Champagne Award, an award she currently co-judges.

A full-time champagne consultant and educator, Bernadette lives in Brisbane, enjoys a huge personal following of former and perennial students, and travels professionally both in Australian and Champagne, France.  Bernadette holds a French knighthood, Chevalier de l’order du Merite Agricole, for her contribution to the champagne industry as well as other French awards.

Your champagne on the evening will be as follows:

  • Louis Roederer NV Brut
  • Louis Roederer NV Blanc de Blancs
  • Louis Roederer Vintage 2012
  • Louis Roederer Vintage Rose 2012

These superb champagnes will be accompanied by canapés designed by Bernadette and especially prepared by our executive chef, Joshua Williams.

Annabelle Traves, who performs on a 1784 Gagliano is an award winning violinist who has studied around the world to perfect her art.  Annabelle was named the youngest member of The Australian Youth Orchestra at just 14 years old where she was awarded a scholarship at the Sydney Conservatorium.  In 2020 she won The Convocation Medal for leadership.

Since then, she has been Concertmaster for the University’s Symphony Orchestra, Australian Youth Orchestra and Ensemble Apex; performed with a host of international musicians from Diana Krall to Bruce Springsteen; and established the Katrina Dawson Foundation Concert to help the Foundation to create opportunities for exceptional young women.  Traves recently accepted a master’s position for solo violin performance at the Hochschule fur Musik und Tanz Cologne, in Germany.

Annabelle is the granddaughter of one of our members, Maria Woodruff.  During the early stages of Covid 19 Annabelle returned to Australia to live with Maria, and in between practicing 6-8 hours a day she also had golf lessons with BGC Professional, Lee Eagleton who said that she hit the ball pretty well!

In these times of Covid a virtual concert resonates with us all.  It’s almost heartbreaking to see Annabelle and the pianist pour their heart and soul into a performance in an empty room.  We believe Annabelle is returning to live performances on European stages later this month.


Annabelle Traves | BGC Member, Maria Woodryff (Annabelle Traves’ Grandmother)


Event Date: Friday, 27 August 2021
Time: 6pm for 6.30pm
Where: The Tennyson Room | The Brisbane Golf Club
Price: $130 per person for Members and $145 per person for Non Members
Bookings: Pre-paid bookings are essential. Please call the Office on 07 3848 108 or email


New Irrigation System

At the time of writing this report our irrigation contractors were close to finishing Hole 19 and were due to start on Hole 21.  Once these two holes are completed, we will have 11 of our 21 holes finished.  After Hole 21 the contractors are expected to move to Holes 14, 15 and 16.  We are very pleased with the quality of work and the condition the first few holes including 4, 5, 6 and 3 have returned to so quickly.  The project is on track to be completed in mid-November at this stage, but these dates are subject to change if further weather delays are experienced.  We once again take this opportunity to thank Members for their patience and for keeping clear of the holes that are under construction.  As always if you do have any feedback or questions, please direct them to myself via

Weekly updates on our irrigation are published and distributed via the Golf Shop.


Access News from the Red Tees from the Website

You can access the latest News from the Red Tees from the website.  Scroll down to the bottom of the home page to Latest News & Events and click on Red Tees “Read More”.



We welcome your contributions of news, and items of interest. Email or and don’t forget to “like” The Brisbane Gold Club on Facebook and Instagram.


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Upcoming Events

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Tuesday 3 – Ladies Guest Day

Thursday 5 – Pennant and Caddie Night Away

Saturday 7 – Monthly Medal and Putting / Ex WAAF Round 2 / Shootout Round 10

Tuesday 10 – McCartney Cup Foursomes Qualifying Round

Thursday 12 – McCartney Cup Foursomes Quarter Final

Friday 13 – Ladies’ Senior Golf Day Round 3 / Nine and Dine

Saturday 14 – Shootout Round 11

Tuesday 17 – McCartney Cup Foursomes – Semi Final

Thursday 19 – McCartney Cup Foursomes – Final

Friday 20 – Club 1896 Luncheon

Saturday 21 – 4BBB Boomers vs Rest

Monday 23 – Indooroopilly Challenge

Tuesday 24 – Monthly Medal and Putting

Thursday 25 – Winter Cup Round 5

Friday 27  – “Champagne and Classics” – An evening of music by award winning concert violinist Annabelle Traves coupled with champagne and canapes by Bernadette O’Shea

Sunday 29 – Brisbane Shield Qualifying Round

Tuesday 31 – Nellie Hatton Fourball – Qualifying Round



Thursday 2 – Nellie Hatton Fourball – First Round

Friday 3 – Transition Member Afternoon

Saturday 4 – Pink Ribbon Day

Sunday 5 – Brisbane Cup / Brisbane Salver / Fathers’ Day breakfast

Tuesday 7 – Nellie Hatton Fourball – Quarter Final

Thursday 9 – Nellie Hatton Fourball – Semi Final

Friday 10 – 125 Anniversary Dinner

Saturday 11 – 36 Hole Foursomes

Tuesday 14 – Nellie Hatton Fourball – Final

Friday 17 – Faulty Towers – The Dining Experience

Saturday 18 – Monthly Medal and Putting / Heather Timms Round 2 / Eclectic ends / Shootout Round 12

Sunday 19 – Brisbane Shield Qualifying

Tuesday 21 – Monthly Medal and Putting / Eclectic concludes

Thursday 23 – Winter Cup Round 6

Friday 24 – Ambassador Invitational

Saturday 25 – Medal of Medallists / Consolations Day / Greatest Reduction ends

Sunday 26 – Brisbane Shield Quarter Finals

Tuesday 28 – Medal of Medallists / Consolation Day / Greatest Reduction ends


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Captain’s Corner

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After a very busy June the beginning of July gave us a fun day with the American Foursomes.  We saw many players embracing the day with some great dress ups.  I am sure everyone enjoyed the day and the change of pace.

Alongside our monthly medal this month we had our qualifying round of the Kerry Cup.  This trophy, was donated by Mrs H.L. Kent and the trophy was named after her horse.  Kitty rode her horse, Kerry, to and from golf during and after the Second World War.  Angela Fong won the Kerry cup this year making it her 4th win since 2013.

We are now coming up to the last of our major events for the year.


Macartney Cup

Qualifying round is on the 10th August with 8 players qualifying in two divisions.  Division one, half combined handicap of 25 and less and division 2, half combined handicap of 26 and over.  If you wish to qualify please tick the “To Qualify” box on your score card.  Quarter finals are on 12th August, Semi-finals on the 17th August and Finals on the 19th August.  If you tick to qualify please make sure you are available for all matches.


Indooroopilly Challenge

The 4BBB Stableford Indooroopilly Challenge will be played at home on the 23rd August with morning tea at 7.15am and a 8am shot gun start with lunch to follow.  The cost to members will be $35 this includes golf and lunch. The nomination sheet will open Monday 26th July, please add your name and your partner if you have one.  The number of games against Indooroopilly will depend on the number of players registered coming from Indooroopilly.


Nellie Hatton MBE Fourball

The Qualifying round is on the 31st August with 16 pairs to qualify.  The first round will be played on the 2nd September, Quarter finals on the 7th September, Semi Finals 9th September and Finals on 14th September.  Again if you wish to qualify please tick the “To Qualify” box on your score card and make sure you are available for all matches.


Brisbane Cup – Brisbane Salver

This is an open A Grade event played on Sunday 5th September alongside the Yeerongpilly Cup. To enter you will need to register on the My Tournament web site.  Players with a daily playing handicap of 18 and below are qualified to play.  As we go into the last quarter of our season, let’s keep enjoying some great golf.


Helen Caris,


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Midweek Results
  • Monthly Medal A Grade – Angela Fong (nett 68)
  • Monthly Medal B Grade – Tammy Cole (nett 69)
  • Monthly Medal C Grade – Maria Cocolas (nett 72)


Kerry Cup

Congratulations to the qualifiers of this event and the eventual winners across all grades.


A Grade Kerry Cup Winner, Angela Fong | Angela’s Road to Victory




B Grade Kerry Cup Winner, Millie Coorey | Millie’s Road to Victory




C Grade Kerry Cup Winner, Prue Cox | Pru’s Road to Victory



Johnson Staines 4BBB Match Play Draw



Nat Green Foursomes Draw

Congratulations to the winners, Catherine Hammond and Di Hall. This is the 21st year in a row they have played together in this event and their 7th title.


Nat Green Foursomes Winners, Catherine Hammond & Di Hall | Catherine and Di’s Road to Victory


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We love to read…
Book Review by member, Andree Millard

Other Women
Cathy Kelly

Other Women is set in Dublin and follows the stories of three women whose lives are very different but interconnected.

Marin seems to have the perfect life – a long marriage to her university sweetheart, two beloved children and a beautiful home – but wonders why she is never truly happy. She tries to mask her discontent with a secret addiction.

Sid is single, fiercely independent and determined not to get romantically involved with a man. When her sister pushes her to speak with a stranger at a coffee shop, she finds him attractive but tells him they can only ever be friends. She can’t risk exposing a terrible secret from her past.

Bea lost her husband in a car accident 10 years ago and has been raising their son as a protective single mum. She has a strong support network of female friends, but she is still lonely and when she tries dating again, she finds that no-one compares to her cherished late husband.

What I liked most about the book is that it explores complicated issues that are common to many of us and celebrates the power of great female relationships. It’s an easy read and the characters are very relatable.

Cathy Kelly is an Irish author whose style has been compared with Marian Keyes.



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Playing ball lying on a bridge.  As a bridge is over a penalty area a ball is able to played from the bridge as it lies.  The edge of a penalty area extends both up above the ground and down below the ground.  This is explained in definitions of the Rules of Golf.  Under 8.1b of the Rules – actions that are allowed – you can ground your club.


Tip by BGC Professional, Asha Hargreaves


Putting: Distance -v- Direction

It’s a common problem but an important topic when discussing the two biggest elements to putting; Distance and Direction.  But which is more important?  What is commonly mistaken is that deciding your direction first will then help to determine your distance control, but if you don’t know how hard to hit it you don’t know how much a putt will break.  So, how do you understand your distances?

  1. Green reading: Is the putt uphill or downhill and how will this affect my putt?
    • Uphill putts require more energy, downhill putts do not
  1. Your tempo: How fast do you swing your putter?
    • If your tempo is fast you will require less swing
    • If your tempo is slow, you will require a bigger swing.
  1. Distance from the hole: How far away from the hole are you?
    • Step it out and calibrate your swing lengths to distances based on the above.


Drill: Umbrella: Learn to control your lag putting and distance control.

  1. Set up a 3-foot semi-circle of tees around the back of a hole.
  2. Place tees at 6, 9,12,15,18 feet out from the front of the hole (your set up should look like an umbrella).
  3. Start at the first tee and putt, give yourself a point for getting it inside the hole or circle.
  4. Repeat from all tee lengths.
  5. Repeat 3 times.



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Good Golfing!

During the A grade quarter final of the Kerry Cup, Hannah Reeves slotted an Eagle on the 19th Hole to beat Jodi Holmes’ Birdie and take out the match.  Congratulations Hannah, another great golfing moment for you.

In the following round Hannah’s opponent engaged the ladies captain to caddie, and so Hannah decided to pull out her smoking gun, Aunty Erica (who loves a chat) to caddie.  A wonderful show of intergenerational love and comradery between these two women, where judgement gets booted out the door, and laughter ensues.


Hannah Reeves and her Aunty Erica Vedelargo.  Did Erica bring the sign to remind herself to be quiet, or did Hannah give it to her?



Brisbane v RQ Challenge

Royal Queensland ladies hosted 26 pairs of BGC ladies on Monday, 26 July for the annual Brisbane vs RQ Challenge.  Despite losing the challenge to RQ, we enjoyed playing their course, were challenged by their greens, and loved the lunch.  This event was initiated in 2011 by BGC’s then Ladies’ President, Liz McReynolds, as a thank you to Royal Queensland Golf Club for making tee times available to our members in their competition fields while our course was closed due to the devastating January 2011 Flood.




American Foursomes

Red, white and blue was the order of the day, with one team going that little bit extra to take out “the best dressed” prize.  An American-themed lunch of cheeseburgers and gumbo followed by apple slice was enjoyed by all.


Shelley Ward, Charmaine Lee, Julie Brown and Kathryn Meredith


Jan Hamilton always enjoys an opportunity to don a costume | Helen Garget enjoys lunch in the Tennyson Room


Sue Garget gives a nod to Uncle Sam on the 1st Tee



Senior Ladies Golf Competition
Report by member, Liz McReynolds

Our second competition on Friday 23rd July was once again an excellent show of support for this type of competition.  With 40 spaces in the shotgun and 24 on the waiting list we managed to book another 12 places on the normal time sheet.  So, we had a very healthy 52 playing.  Thank you to those ladies who agreed to play early before the shotgun field.

It was great to see ten players who missed out in April able to get a game in our July field.  Some of these ladies are new to our club and we welcome you to our Senior Ladies group.

Congratulations to our winners on the day:

  • 1st – Viv Cassidy and Leanne Northcott – 45 points- 4 balls each.
  • 2nd – Robyn Elphinstone and Margot McNee – 43 points- 3 balls each.
  • 3rd  – We had six groups with 40 points and as we do not do countbacks, they all received 2 balls each.
  • Lucky Ball Draw, 5 pairs received 1 ball each.
  • Everyone wins a prize- we all also get 2 balls each.

I think we all agree that whilst we do enjoy (sometimes) playing golf, the real pleasure of the day is getting together for lunch to enjoy each other’s company.  Hopefully Senior Ladies golf is here to stay as this group have shown their commitment and are excited to be part of this new competition in our club.

The next Competition is Friday 13 August.  Whilst the shotgun of 40 is full and we have 24 on the waitlist, let me know if you are interested in playing and I will add you to the waitlist.  You never know!

Sorry ladies, no dates yet for post the August Competition.

If you are not already on the Senior Ladies email list or would like further information, please contact Liz McReynolds or phone 0409 995 728.


The walk of shame, when you are 67 metres out on the 3rd hole, you take out your 5 wood and nearly take out the group on the 4th tee!
A jolly good giggle for the senior girls.



FOB Cup Vets -v- Rest

This year the Rest (aged under 65) claimed victory with a 10 point win over the Vets (aged over 65).


Helen Caris presenting the FOB Cup to Andree Millard on behalf of the Rest team



Heard in the Locker Room

One of our dedicated ladies having realised she had left her bag of tricks for a game of mah-jong at home, made a call to get it delivered to the Club.  The husband was pre-occupied with getting to his game of golf.  A son who lives close by offered to drop it to his Mum, but instead of bringing it to the BGC he took it to Pacific Golf Club.  Obviously too eager to impress and not listen to instructions, or after all these years, did he really think Mum played golf at Pacific?


Ladies Let’s Go Roster


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