Congratulations to the following Members who have scored an "ace" at The Brisbane Golf Club since June 2006.

Hole in One Register

Making a Hole-In-One is a great achievement for any golfer and at The Brisbane Golf Club if you record your Hole-In-One during a competition we will honour your ‘ace’ with inclusion on our Hole-In-One Register. 

To view the full Hole in One Register since 2006 click here.

Hole in One Club

The Brisbane Golf Club has started a Hole-In-One Club. Membership will cost each member just $1 each time a Hole-In-One is recorded in a competition and means that if you achieve a Hole-In-One every member of the Hole-in-One Club will pay you $1. If we have 100 Members in the Hole-in-One Club then an ‘ace’ will earn you $99. To join, simply send an email with your name and membership number to

Click here to see the Members in the Hole-In-One Club 

Please note that as a new Member you are NOT automatically signed up for the Hole-In-One Club. It is the Member’s choice to belong. If you are in the Hole-In-One Club, you’re club card will be debited the cost of $1 for every hole in one that is made by a Member of the Hole-In-One Club. You will remain in the Club unless the Office is notified in writing that you no longer wish to belong.