Congratulations to the following Members who have scored an "ace" at The Brisbane Golf Club since June 2006.

Hole in One Register

Making a Hole-In-One is a great achievement for any golfer and at The Brisbane Golf Club if you record your Hole-In-One during a competition we will honour your ‘ace’ with inclusion on our Hole-In-One Register. Men will also be given a flag with the details of their Hole-In-One embrodied on it while women will receive a trophy with the same details.

Members will also receive a reward of $300 for a Hole-In-One if made while playing in an official competition at a registered club in Australia. 

Hole in One Club

The Brisbane Golf Club has started a Hole-In-One Club. Membership will cost each member just $1 each time a Hole-In-One is recorded in a competition and means that if you achieve a Hole-In-One every member of the Hole-in-One Club will pay you $1. If we have 100 Members in the Hole-in-One Club then an ‘ace’ will earn you $99. To join, simply send an email with your name and membership number to

Click here to see the Members in the Hole-In-One Club 

Please note that as a new Member you are NOT automatically signed up for the Hole-In-One Club. It is the Member’s choice to belong. If you are in the Hole-In-One Club, you’re club card will be debited the cost of $1 for every hole in one that is made by a Member of the Hole-In-One Club. You will remain in the Club unless the Office is notified in writing that you no longer wish to belong. 

Name Hole Date
Dennis May 19th 9-Sep-23
Ann Edwards 7th 23-May-23
Alan Grieve 11th 25-Feb-23
James Partridge 7th 24-Dec-22
Harris Andrews 7th 22-Dec-22
Hannah Reeves 13th 22-Nov-22
Ian Marshall 11th 12-Oct-22
Andrew Mullis 11th 31-Aug-22
Warren Richter 4th 29-Jun-22
Catherine Morgan 7th 22-Jun-22
Chris Stanfield 4th 18-Jun-22
Damian Percey 7th 7-May-22
Will Hughes 7th 15-Apr-22
Ash Holmes 7th 25-Mar-22
Bruce Parkinson 7th 23-Mar-22
Ash Sturmer 7th 19-Feb-22
Margot McNee 7th 19-Feb-22
Geoffrey Holding 13th 24-Dec-21
Paul McQuillan 21st 18-Nov-21
Ross McTaggart 21st 30-Oct-21
Ash Sturmer 21st 27-Oct-21
Claye Beams 4th 24-Oct-21
Rob Hollingworth 19th 20-Oct-21
Archie Hamilton 7th 15-Oct-21
Declan Cawley 21st 25-Sep-21
Brian McKerr 4th 4-Sep-21
Scott Connell 13th 26-Jun-21
Yvonne Butcher 19th 19-Jun-21
Ron Ward 11th 17-Jun-21
Carolyn Martin 13th 27-Feb-21
Phil Davies 11th 12-Feb-21
Laura Cunning 11th 5-Nov-20
Phil Egerton 4th 22-Jul-20
Sam Devlin 11th 8-Jul-20
Millie Coorey 11th 26-Jun-20
Mark Jackson 7th 11-Jun-20
Joe Dowling 11th 10-Jun-20
Renae Michielsen 4th 6-Jun-20
Ash Sturmer 21st 11-Jan-20
Craig Mills 7th 8-Dec-19
Ned O’Connor 7th 18-Sep-19
Craig Madigan 4th 17-Aug-19
Allan Howe 11th 20-Jul-19
Wade Edwards 4th 21-Jun-19
Ed Lucas 11th 22-May-19
Cameron Gibson 4th 19-May-19
Andrew Seeto 19th 29-Mar-19
Ralph Hockings 4th 23-Jan-19
Dennis Allgood 7th 10-Jan-19
Claye Beams 4th 15-Dec-18
Claye Beams 4th 8-Dec-18
Eugene Estella 19th 7-Dec-18
Brad Shaw 13th 21-Oct-18
Larry Raymond 4th 10-Oct-18
Gerry O’Shaughnessy 11th 6-Oct-18
Kerrie O’Callaghan 7th 20-Sep-18
Dylan Barraclough 11th 21-Jul-18
Claye Beams 7th 20-Jun-18
Ana Liza Hirst 4th 5-Jun-18
Alison Dignan 7th 18-Jan-18
Doug Kelly 13th 10-Jan-18
Bob Cambridge 11th 9-Dec-17
Peter Wright 4th 6-Dec-17
Judith Hamilton 13th 14-Nov-17
Liz McReynolds 13th 15-Sep-17
Bill Smith 13th 14-Sep-17
Drew Clarke 7th 23-Aug-17
Jan Coetzee 7th 7-Jun-17
Gordon Roseler 7th 1-Jun-17
Phillip Abood 4th 6-May-17
Peter Moran 11th 3-May-17
Mike Murphy 7th 22-Feb-17
John Kelly 7th 11-Jan-17
Claye Beams 11th 30-Dec-16
Sam Trimble 4th 10-Dec-16
Kenji Ito 4th 9-Nov-16
Mick Higham 7th 6-Aug-16
Barbara Singleton 4th 20-May-16
Cameron Powell 13th 20-May-16
Brett Kinninmont 4th 9-Jan-16
Mark Haysom 4th 24-Dec-15
Graham Paul 4th 6-Dec-15
Lewis Clelland 13th 5-Dec-15
Berenice Holmes 11th 22-Nov-15
Andrew Russack 7th 20-Nov-15
Rohan Bewick 13th 11-Nov-15
Patrick Dixon 11th 31-Oct-15
Tim Buckett 13th 17-Oct-15
Leanne James 4th 27-Sep-15
Robyn Elphinstone 19th 25-Aug-15
Peter Morgan 7th 19-Aug-15
Rob Tathem 19th 16-Aug-15
Margot McNee 7th 11-Aug-15
Geoff Tucker 11th 22-Jul-15
Matt Allen 4th 21-Jun-15
Takako Mori 13th 18-Jun-15
Luke Blackett 4th 24-Apr-15
Vicki Mounts 4th 30-May-15
Margaret Dowzer 13th 9-Apr-15
Mike Kelso 7th 4-Apr-15
Joel Negline 19th 31-Jan-15
Rob Harwood 7th 31-Dec-14
Alan Warren 21st 21-Dec-14
Alan Tathem 21st 8-Nov-14
Pip Holmes 21st 4-Nov-14
Andrew Govenlock 13th 3-Sep-14
Vicki Mounts 7th 3-Aug-14
Gary Brodie 11th 5-Jul-14
Gavin Tye 11th 28-Jun-14
Doug Kelly 11th 25-Jun-14
Julie Anning 11th 19-Jun-14
Raeann Shields 19th 17-Jun-14
Julie Anning 11th 10-Jun-14
Douglas Hutton 11th 19-Apr-14
Dean Scott 21st 12-Apr-14
Robert Aitken 11th 9-Feb-14

To view the full Hole in One Register since 2006 click here.

Ian Stanislao – 21st – 14-Oct-23

Graham Paul – 7th – 4-Nov-23