Dress Code

The Club’s dress code is required to be met whenever you visit The Brisbane Golf Club. It encompasses the entire precinct including the car park, Clubhouse and surrounds, the course and the practice facilities. It is expected that the standard of dress for Members and guests at all times reflects the dignity of the Club.

Acceptable Attire

On the Course and when utilising the Practice Facilities

Clean, neat and tidy golfing attire (of a style similar to the apparel stocked in our Golf Shop) is to be worn.  Men must wear a collared shirt, tucked in, with a belt and visible socks if wearing shorts.  Golf shoes are to be worn, and must be clean and have soft spikes.

In the Clubhouse and Surrounds

Clean, neat and tidy golfing attire or clean, neat and tidy casual attire is to be worn.  Footwear must be enclosed, however ladies may wear fashion sandals.  Golf hats, caps and visors must be removed upon entry to the Clubhouse. Shirts may be worn ‘tucked out’ if they are designed for that purpose.

For Functions and Dining

Unless otherwise stipulated on the invitation, smart casual attire is appropriate. Denim is acceptable provided it is not torn, ripped/holey or of a dirty worn-out appearance.

Unacceptable Attire

Not permitted on the Course and Practice Facilities, in the Clubhouse and Surrounds 
  • Blue denim (unless attending Functions and Dining)
  • Cargo pants (long or short), trousers or shorts with a drawstring or elastic waist, board-shorts, baggy or below-knee length shorts
  • Tracksuits, joggers, gym or active wear (unless attending the Movement Space)
  • Leggings/jeggings (unless worn under a skirt/skort when playing golf, or with a top that extends to the thigh)
  • Singlets, tank-tops, and tee-shirts
  • Garments displaying advertising or slogans (discrete brand-name and club logos excepted)
  • Rubber thongs, slides, clogs, flip-flops, sandals, jogging/running shoes 
  • Apart from shoes, jackets, pullovers and wet-weather attire, changing of all other items of clothing must be confined to the Locker Rooms.
  • Children under 12 are required to be dressed neatly and have covered footwear (sandals permitted however no rubber thongs).
  • Any Member should feel empowered to courteously challenge anyone they feel is not complying with the dress code, and be treated with respect in doing so.
  • Staff are authorised by the Committee to prohibit access to the golf course, locker rooms, Golf Shop, practice facilities and Clubhouse if a member and/or guest fails to meet the requirements of the dress code.