The Brisbane Golf Club Foundation (the Foundation) has been established as a separate independent organisation to support and strengthen the growth and development of The Brisbane Golf Club (the Club).

This will be achieved by securing donations and bequests and undertaking fundraising activities to enhance the golf experience at the Club and to contribute to identified and future projects beyond the Club’s annual financial capacity.

The Club has played and continues to play an important role in the lives of many members. It provides a special place to enjoy golf in a friendly social environment with a strong community culture. The Foundation seeks to build on the legacy of those who have contributed to the Club since 1896.

In 1903, the Committee of the Club, with the support of members, had the foresight to acquire 110 acres of land at Yeerongpilly on which the Club still resides. That foresight progressed the Club from leasehold arrangements at Chelmer and ensured the generations that followed would enjoy this great game for over a century, secure in the knowledge that the members owned the land.

The Committees and memberships that followed those early years, further developed and improved the Club to bring us to the place we enjoy today. As members and supporters of the Club we have benefited from that foresight and development. The opportunity for us now is to support further progress for the generations to follow.

Funding significant projects at the Club can be challenging as can be the prioritising of these. Each year the Club operates to service the needs of members and set aside small surpluses to develop tomorrow’s Club. Through the Foundation, we are inviting our members, sponsors and supporters to assist in providing the sound financial future the Club requires to undertake and potentially accelerate those projects.

The Foundation will provide financial support to the Club for:

  • The growth and development of golf;
  • The improvement of existing facilities, furnishings and buildings; and
  • The development of new facilities, furnishings, buildings and supporting infrastructure.
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The Foundation will provide financial support to the Club for:

  • The growth and development of golf;
  • The improvement of existing facilities, furnishings and buildings; and
  • The development of new facilities, furnishings, buildings and supporting infrastructure.
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How can you support The Brisbane Golf Club Foundation? ​

  • Tax deductible donations processed through the Australian Sports Foundation Ltd. (ABN 27 008 613 858). These can be made as an individual donation or a regular pledge. This could be set up on a separate form or through your house account;
  • Direct donations to the Foundation (not tax deductible);
  • A bequest through your estate planning, ensuring a long-term partnership with the Foundation;
  • Supporting Foundation events and fundraising activities throughout the year; and
  • Becoming a sponsorship partner, which can be beneficial to you, your business, and the Foundation.

Choosing to donate or bequeath gifts or assets to The Brisbane Golf Club Foundation, is an opportunity for you to assist in growing and developing our Club for the long term. We understand that many worthwhile charitable organisations seek and deserve your support. We would like you to consider the Foundation as a worthy beneficiary, also to enable future generations of like-minded families to similarly enjoy the very best of your experiences at the Club.

Our founders and subsequent members created the vision of our Club in the late 19th Century, progressed it through bold decisions in the 20th Century and passed it to us in the 21st Century. We hope you share our want to continue that heritage for those members who come next.

Want to donate?

Download one of the following forms, fill in and email to Geoff Kuehner, CEO at

The Foundation Board

From top left:

Stephen Deane – Director

Club member since 1978, Stephen served on the Club Committee for 17 years and held the club captain role twice from 2015 to 2018. His family have been members since 1953, with both parents serving as captains. Having law and business degrees, Stephen focused on financial planning. He managed his advisory business for 12 years, gaining experience on small business advisory boards. An accomplished golfer, he played Pennants for the Club and represented his State and Country at seniors level.

Philip Wikman – Chair

Club member since 1980, Philip has spent 11 years in office-bearing roles on the Club Committee including President from 2017 to 2020. He commenced his business career as a chartered accountant but changed direction to become CEO of one of Queensland’s largest private companies. He has been a non-executive chairman and director of numerous private entities across a range of industries. Phil sees his role on the Foundation Board as a natural evolution of his long membership of the Club.

Cameron Gibson – Director

Cameron originally joined in 1978. After achieving a bachelor of commerce, his career began in banking before moving to finance roles. For 30 years as a fundraising professional in education and health, (GM, St Joseph’s College Gregory Terrace Foundation; and Donor Relationship Manager, Mater Hospital Foundation), Cameron specialised in foundation capital campaigns, events, and bequests. Recently retired, he now volunteers for fundraising with the Rotary Club of Brisbane.

From bottom left:

Peter White – Director

Joining in 1986, Peter served on the Committee for several years, including roles as Treasurer (2004-2007) and Captain (2008-2010). With forty plus years in the banking and finance industries across Australia and New Zealand, he held senior executive and general manager positions in four states. An accomplished golfer, Peter represented the Club in Pennants and organises the monthly senior golfers group,
a role he is very passionate about.

Sue Lewandowski – Director

Joining in 2009, Sue served on the Ladies Committee, including a term as Ladies President from 2020 to 2022. A Physiotherapist since 1983, with special interest in Vestibular and balance disorders while working at Prince Charles Hospital and ACU. In 1995, Sue became a practice manager for a medical specialist, overseeing all aspects of the business. Co-founding Operation Smile Australia in 1995, a charity providing surgery for children with craniofacial deformities, Sue remains a director of the charity.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do funds given to the Foundation find their way to supporting the Club?

The Club will have a range of projects it wishes to progress over time. Some of these projects may be registered with the Australian Sports Foundation (ASF) to enable tax deductible donations made in support of that individual project. These donations to the ASF (less a small administration fee) will flow through to the Foundation. Once received by the Foundation, these funds will be made available to the Club for the specific project.

The Club may also request the Foundation support one or more projects from its accumulated and unallocated reserves. The Foundation will then evaluate the project and independently determine whether it can support the Club at that time.

What is a Bequest?

A bequest is a gift left to a beneficiary in an individual’s will. There are several types of bequests which may include a residual bequest, a percentage of an estate, a specific sum of money, or assets such as real estate, shares or artwork.

How can I be assured that donations or bequests given to the Foundation won’t be used for the Club’s normal operating expenditure?

The Foundation is its own legal entity, separate from the Club, with its own Constitution governed by a separate independent Board of Directors.

Is there any form of recognition of members who have made donations or bequests in their wills?

Appropriate recognition of donations and bequests will be made, the form of which is still being considered. Confidentiality will be maintained for those who wish to give anonymously.

Can I specify how the money I leave should be used by the Foundation?

Donations and bequests can be directed to specific Club projects either through the ASF or the Foundation. In these circumstances, the funds will only be used for those projects.

Funds can also be left to be Foundation for unspecified use. In these cases, the funds donated or bequeathed will be added to the accumulated reserves of the Foundation. In time, those funds may be applied to a future project of the Club with the support and approval of the Foundation Board.

If you would like to apply funds to a project that is not currently identified by the Club, you are encouraged to discuss your preference with a director of the Foundation.

Want to donate?

Download one of the following forms, fill in and email to Geoff Kuehner, CEO at