Honorary Life Membership is the most prestigious award available at the Club.

Honorary Life Members

The Brisbane Golf Club recognises Honorary Life Membership as the most prestigious award available to the Club.

It is bestowed upon individual Members who have provided exceptional, loyal and outstanding service and contribution to the Club over an extended period of time.

Honorary Life Members

1897 R.S. Dods
1898 J.R. Fair
1902 Lord Lamington
1903 Hon.S.R. Innes Noad
1903 E.H. Macartney
1914 T.B. Hunter
1925 Mrs E.F. Gilchrist
1928 H.J.L. Hinkler
1933 J.A. Alexander
1933 L. Francis
1933 E.H. Waring
1941 W.D. Little
1941 A. Midson
1942 R.Thompson
1942 J.E. Trude
1946 D.A. Lupton
1946 Miss D. Hood
1948 Miss W. Brennan
1951 Mrs L.m. Cannan
1956 J.D. Land
1959 T.B.F. Gargett
1959 H.W. Herbert
1960 C.B. Freeman
1960 E.J.D. Stanley
1960 Mrs W. Pitt
1969 A.H.Colledge
1971 Mrs N.G. Hatton
1972 G.H. Mocatta OBE
1972 K.A. Virtue MBE
1975 Miss M.L. Just
1976 R. J. Nixon-Smith
1978 S.W. Mills
1978 I. Robinson
1981 Mrs R. J. Boyle
1981 Mrs K. Kent
1982 K.S. Reid
1988 G.B. Gargett
1990 E.T.A. Dixon
1993 M.R. Burrough
1996 B.S. Richter
1998 Mrs I.J. Huges
2016 Mrs H. Hudson
2017 K. Cockburn OBE
2019 T.M. Campbell
2022 P. Castrisos

Click here to read our Honorary Life Membership Guidelines.

Club 1896

Club 1896 was established in 2019 to recognise and reward The Brisbane Golf Club’s longest-serving members.

Each year BGC will distinguish members who have achieved 50 years of membership in any category by inaugurating them into Club 1896. The incoming members will be announced at the annual presentation and prizegiving event.

Each year, as was the case at the inaugural luncheon on 13 September 2019, all members of Club 1896 will be invited to a special luncheon, hosted and provided by BGC, to celebrate their membership.Club 1896 inaugurated 31 golfers at the inaugural luncheon who have been members of BGC for more than half a century. The longest-serving of those members was Mrs Pat Vincent, who joined in 1951.Now 36 Members have joined this exclusive Club.

The long-term membership recognition does not stop at 50 years. BGC also salutes those golfers with 25 years membership, presenting them with a commemorative bag tag each year.

Club 1896

Pat Vincent 1951
Helen Hudson 1952
Geoffrey Brown 1954
Julie Cockburn 1956
Janice Battersby 1956
Margaret Maher 1957
Norma Walker 1957
Gregory Adam 1958
Lorna Murray 1959
David Forrest 1960
John Murray 1960
Colin Gallagher 1961
Bruce Hunter 1961
Peter Coates 1962
Don Deane 1962
Kenneth Horn 1962
Peter Murray 1962
Adrian Bishop 1966
Robert Nicholson 1966
Bob McKeon 1966
Georgina Hamlyn 1967
Ross McTaggart 1967
Michael O’Shea 1968
Patricia McKeon 1969
Ross Hunter 1969
John Rogers 1969
Harold Shand 1970
Jill McTaggart 1971
Rosalie Lewis 1971
Brian McPherson 1971
Ian McKim 1972
Bruce Richter 1972
Greg Wright 1973
John Golledge 1973
Jill Hughes 1973
Lance Pennington 1974

*Shows date joined.