Etiquette & Course Care

There are four main areas of etiquette, which are Course Care, Safety, Consideration for Others and Pace of Play. Click here to read the Etiquette section from the Rules of Golf.

Course Care:

We ask members and guests to take the time to read the following fact sheets and be aware of the important role they play in maintaining the high standards our golf course is presented to.

Putting Greens:

Click here to read how to repair all ball/pitch marks and other damage; handle the flag stick and other course care tips for the putting green.


Click here to read our Etiquette Information Sheet.

Repairing Divots and Smoothing Bunkers:

Click here to read how to repair all divot holes and smooth the area after playing from a bunker.

Entry and Exit Points – As part of the green replacement program (GRP) we have re-designed many of our bunkers to ensure they have a clear entry and exit point that protects their quality. Members are encouraged to use those entry and exit points at all times. These are generally more level areas thus making the raking and maintaining of the bunkers easier also. The Brisbane Golf Club recommends and asks members to leave rakes inside the bunkers.

Golf Buggies & Carts and Rubbish:

Click here to read about golf buggy & carts and rubbish.

Safety, Consideration for Others:

Click here to read about safety on the golf course and the consideration of others. The Brisbane Golf Club insists all electronic devices be turned to ‘silent’. Outgoing calls are permitted but are to made out of earshot of fellow members and should be restricted to calls of an essential nature only.

Pace of Play Tips:

Click here to read the R&A’s Pace of Play Manual.