Our course memorials are part of our proud history.

Course Memorials

Over the years The Brisbane Golf Club has placed memorials on the golf course as an avenue to remember and honour Members who have passed away.  There are numerous examples of these course memorials with some being donated by families to the Club in honour of their loved ones while others have been installed by the Committee to recognise significant contributions made by particular individuals.    

As part of our 125-year anniversary celebrations in 2021 a number of these course memorials were restored. The Club has 27 course memorials and a brief story on each along with their location has been detailed below.

1. Seat at 1st Tee:
This memorial is in honour of T.B. Hunter – Thomas Brown (Tommy) Hunter who joined the Club in 1908 and was the Club’s honorary secretary from 1910 to 1938.

2. Plaque 1st Fairway:
A Black Wattle Tree once grew nearby this memorial. It was here the Committee tethered their horses in October 1903 while they inspected the land for the future home of The Brisbane Golf Club. It then became the site for discussions on the development of the Course until the Clubhouse was completed in 1904.

3. Plaque 2nd Fairway:
Keith Virtue joined the Club in 1936 and was on the Committee from 1946 to 1948. While his official involvement was short, he had a long involvement working on the course. He was a ‘one man tree planting and maintenance program’ until his death in 1980. He dedication to the course is recognised by The Keith Virtue Memorial Grove’ on the right-hand side of the second fairway. He was made an honorary life member in 1972.

4. Drinking Fountain 3rd Tee:
Leslie Kent served on the Committee for the years 1946 to 1949 and was made an honorary life member in 1981. She also donated the Kerry Cup.

5. Seat at 3rd Tee:
In memory of Rob and Mary Murray. Members from 1958 to 2005.

6. Seat at 4th Tee:
This was presented by Patrick Dixon in honour of his father, Jim, who was President from 1964 to 1967.

7. Garden Right of 4th Tee:
Bob Nixon-Smith was secretary/manager from 1959 to 1976. He was made an honorary life member in 1976.

8. Fountain at 4th Tee:
It was erected by the Club Juniors in honour of one of their fellow members, Boyd Gosper.

9. John Kelly Memorial Burn:
John Kelly was President from 2015-2017 and an Office Bearer for multiple years.

10. Seat at 11th Tee:
This was originally behind the old 11th Tee (current 19th) where Paul tragically collapsed and died one Saturday morning while playing golf with his father, Pat.

11. Seat on 12th Tee:
This seat was donated by the Trimble Family to honour long term Member, Sam Trimble.

12. Seat on 13th Back Tee:
Peter Mayo seat.

13. Seat on Forward 13th Tee:
Alex College seat.

14. Plaque at right of 14th Fairway:
These stones are part of the foundations for the first Arrowroot Mill established in Queensland during 1862 by Samuel and Geo Grimes. Arrowroot to supply the mill was grown on what is now the 14th, 15th and 16th fairways of The Brisbane Golf Club.

15. Seat at 17th Tee:
This seat in is recognition of the work of Keith Cockburn over many years.

16. Seat behind 19th Tee:
The Associates tribute to their President Mrs Lorna Gargett, who died suddenly on the 16th June 1969 during her term of office.

17. Shelter at 21st Tee:
‘Eric’s Seat’. Provided by the family in memory of Eric Lee. Son, Peter, is a Member.

18. Plaque left of 21st Tee:
Lex Skirvings’ ashes are buried here. Lex was a long-term member, committeeman, Captain and President.

19. Seat under Clubhouse Clock:
In memory of J.P.A (John) Miller. The minutes of 22.6.1981 state that the seat was donated by his widow.

20. Entrance Gardens/Gazebo:
Self-explanatory. To learn more about the events around the Club’s Centenary in 1996, see Chapters 2 and 3 of the Fairway is Mine.

21. Sundial Beside Practice Green:
This is a replacement. The original sandstone structure having crumbled with the ravages of time and elements. The minutes of 22.3.1939 tell us that the memorial was presented by Mrs Arthur Baynes.

22. Flagpole Adjacent to Practice Green:
Presented by Arthur Midson in 1924. The pole has been replaced a few times over the years.

23. Clock in Garden Room:
Merv Burrough’s involvement with the major redevelopment of the course during the 1980s is covered in the Fairway is Mine. The clock was presented by his family and son.

24. Fountain on Driving Range:
Leslie Hudson Fountain donated by his family in 2001.

25. Golf Shop:
This is the M.T Stafford building and was erected in 1963.