In the words of Martin Luther King, 'we are not makers of history, we are made by history'.

Celebrating 125 Years

And, as The Brisbane Golf Club celebrated its 125th Year Anniversary on Wednesday November 4, 2021, all members – past and present – should be extremely proud of this remarkable historical achievement. 

The journey undertaken since that small meeting of founders took place in AMP Chambers in the heart of Brisbane city 125 years ago has been an extraordinary one. It is therefore with great pleasure that I am writing a preface to this book which contains a collection of exceptional stories surrounding the history of our great club. 

When reading these stories it is clear that The Brisbane Golf Club has not only made its own history, but has also been an integral part of the history of Brisbane and Queensland. When the names of our former Club Presidents, Captains and members are perused, the significant contributions this club has made to Queensland society is quickly realised. 

It also goes without saying that the club has survived through both turbulent and jubilant times in our state’s history. This represents a remarkable testament to the character traits of each and every member throughout the past 125 years. 

Individual qualities such as determination, resilience, innovation and good humour is repeatedly described throughout the stories. When these qualities are combined with an overall vision for a true golfing community, it is little wonder The Brisbane Golf Club has prospered. 

We have been able to excel despite the tragedies of wars, financial crises, floods and many other obstacles that have occurred over the decades. And even now, through an historic world-wide viral pandemic, the club and the world continue to battle. I am therefore confident our resilient club will continue to prosper and create more history during the next 125 years. 

Finally, I would like to personally thank those members who have contributed to the stories contained within this historic book. Your time, research and enthusiasm are greatly appreciated. I hope all members enjoy the read, and find the book informative, entertaining and inspiring. 

~ Mark Deuble, President 

Click here to read the 125 Year Anniversary Book.

One of the stories in the 125 Year Anniversary Book, Course Designers, Architects, Maps, Club Professionals and Influencers by Lloyd Cotterill, was condensed significantly to suit the format of the book. Members wishing to read the full story can click here to do so.