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Welcome to the June edition of News from the Red Tees. Three of our pennant teams have now completed their season, with our Gold 1 Team comprising DeeDee Russell, Lisa Edgar, Lyn Conroy, Catherine Hillier and Jaculin Zuidam bringing home the Pennant.  A fantastic result. Congratulations team!  Our Gold 2 team was placed second, a great effort, and Silver 1 came in 7th. Weekend matches continue for another week. All of our pennant players represented the Club with pride and good sportsmanship and we can all applaud their efforts. Thanks also to all the volunteer captains, caddies and at-home helpers when hosting. Silver 3 pennants commence their campaign on Friday 8 June.


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Notices and News

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See below for an excerpt from the President’s Report sent to all members on 31 May 2018.

Saturday Timesheet Management

These last few months the Committee has been considering a range of practices to address the management of golf on Saturdays with a view to getting as many members into the field as possible. It remains our busiest day of the week and with shorter winter days the time sheet can get congested when first released. Our experience is that the waitlist has been effective in getting members a game before the day but we appreciate more members would like improved access to the timesheet and have more certainty about their tee time.

After consultation with the Ladies’ Committee the Committee has evaluated options and is progressing with a new approach to Saturday play encompassing the following:

  • An open timesheet throughout the day providing access to all members with Saturday playing rights throughout the day.
  • A dedicated allocation of four groups for the ladies’ competition out of the total available for the day (54 groups in the smallest field of the winter) to preserve the social experience of the ladies on a Saturday morning. Any vacant spots in these allocated groups will revert to open slots two days after the timesheet is opened.
  • Members of the ladies’ competition wishing to play in the morning field should utilise these dedicated groups first.
  • All other groups (minimum of 50 groups) available to all players in both men’s and ladies’ competitions.
  • Access to the timesheet for junior members will be provided at 1pm on the Friday before the day of play.

These changes will be implemented from Saturday, 23 June (timesheet opening Saturday, 9 June). We believe this approach will be the most effective in increasing access to the Saturday time sheet.

(Please note the dedicated 4 lines in the morning field are to ensure those ladies who want to play only with other ladies can do so, but it does not restrict any member’s ability to place their name anywhere else in the field.)


Management of Other Golf Days 

The Committee has also considered and is progressing to an open time sheet for play on Thursdays. In this instance, there will not be any dedicated allocation of groups to either a men’s or ladies’ competition. All groups will be accessible for all members eligible to play on Thursdays. This is consistent with Mondays, Fridays, and Sundays. At this time there is no move to change the playing of dedicated ladies’ and men’s competitions on Tuesdays and Wednesdays respectively. These days are very popular with the competitors on those days and the Committee feels with access open on more days of the week there is a reasonable balance of access and dedicated competitions. The change to the Thursday time sheet will be implemented from Thursday, 28 June (timesheet opening Thursday, 14 June). Based on the success of changes on Saturdays and Thursdays further access to the weekday time sheets may be considered.



A timely reminder that if you do not receive emails from The Club, please check your junk and spam and deleted items. If you want to check whether or not you have inadvertently unsubscribed (which is easy to do if you access emails from mobile devices), please contact Geoff Kuehner.


Locker Audit

This has now been completed and all rented lockers are now identified. Could whoever is using the following lockers please contact Helen Placanica or Jenny Johnson ASAP:  9, 12, 22, 24, 49, 51, 56, 57, 78, 82, 83, 99, 100, 102, 138. Items stored in these lockers will be removed on Monday 11 June unless the current user is identified. If the locker you are renting is not named or is named incorrectly, please see Helen or Jenny. If you would like to rent a locker, it is only $45 per year. See Peter in the office for more details.   


Member Key Fob

As from 2 July, swiping your Club Card will no longer be necessary to gain access to the locker room.  Access is therefore no longer restricted to Members with a Club card, which will enable easy access for our guests. Members wishing to keep items secure in the locker rooms should avail themselves of lockers (rent for $45 per year. See Peter in the office).

The key fob will be used for all purchases in the Golf Shop and over the bar. The current Club cards may continue to be used. Your free fob (one per member) will be available for collection from the office as from Monday, 2 July.


Lost Property

Please check our lost property locker to retrieve any items that may belong to you which have been found on the course or in the locker room over the past months. Items not claimed by the end of the month will be discarded.


Zonta Toiletries

Any unused toiletries bags from international flights are collected by the Zonta Club for distribution to women’s refuges around Brisbane. Items can be left in the bag hanging by the back door of the ladies’ locker room. See Bev Folliott for further information.


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Upcoming Events

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Joan Fletcher Trophy

Quarter Final – Saturday, 9 April

Semi-final – Sunday, 10 June

Final – Sunday, 17 June


Kerry Cup

Semi-Finals – Thursday, 14 June

Finals – Thursday, 20 June






US Open Breakfast – Monday, 18 June

Catch the action from the final round of the 2018 US Open from 5am in the Members Lounge and enjoy a big breakfast from 7am, followed by an 18-hole Ambrose at the conclusion of the television coverage. $20 per person. Bookings at the office.


BGC vs IGC Challenge – Monday, 25 June

The nomination sheet has opened for this event, hosted this year by BGC. It is a 4BBB Stableford with a 7.30am 2-tee start. Lunch will follow in the Tennyson Room. If you participate in this event, you are expected to stay for lunch. Cost is $35 for golf and lunch. Hopefully, we can field a strong team and win back the trophy (which has remained at Indooroopilly for the past two years).


Nine & Dine / Christmas in July – Friday, 6 July

The next Nine & Dine event will incorporate Christmas in July festivities so book early to ensure a spot.  Contact Lauren in the office.


Nat Green Foursomes

Qualifying – Saturday, 30 June

Quarter Final – Sunday, 1 July

Semi Final – Saturday, 7 July

Final – Saturday, 14 July


American Foursomes – Tuesday, 3 July

Get a team together, and dress in theme for our American Foursomes on Tuesday 3 July.  American-themed Specials of the Day will be available for lunch, and prizes for Best-Dressed Team.


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Captain’s Corner

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Honour Board and Special Trophies

The Ladies’ Committee has carried out a review of our Honour Board and special events trophies. Several changes were proposed, some of which were accepted by the Committee. These changes will be announced over the next few weeks once we have ironed out a few issues but in general, most of these changes will come into effect in 2019.

However, with immediate effect, The Brisbane Golf Club will not be participating in the Golf Queensland Gertrude McLeod Trophy. This decision has been made based on feedback received and also due to the amount of administration required by the Match Sub-Committee and the disappointing attendance of our Gertrude McLeod winners in the last few years when asked to participate in the final event hosted by Golf Queensland.




Monthly Medals

Mid Week – 1 May

A Grade – Lynne Conroy

B Grade – Margaret Tormey

C Grade – Robyn Cuming

Weekend – 26 May

Division 1 – Jody Pezet

Division 2 – Beverley Folliott



Results for Friday, 1 June

Gold 1 won against Pacific 4/1

Gold 2 lost against Nudgee 4/1

Silver 1 squared against Wynnum 2.5/2.5


Gold 1 – Congratulations to our Gold 1 team for bringing home the 2018 Pennant! The team of Lisa Edgar, DeeDee Russell, Lynne Conroy, Kathryn Hillier and Jaculin Zuidam, with Captain Robyn Elphinstone, are to be congratulated on the standard of golf and conduct of matches throughout the season. Thanks also to all the caddies, and to the supporters on the finals day at Wynnum (General Manager Geoff Kuehner, Captain Stephen Deane, DeeDee’s father Jim, Phil Egerton and Captain Elaine, and Ladies President Helen). Special thanks must go to Robyn Elphinstone who stepped up with borrowed clubs the previous week when at the last minute Lisa was too unwell to play. Thanks to Leanne James for lending Robyn her clubs (which to Robyn’s dismay contained no woods, only blades). It was a display of great team spirit.



Gold 2 came in a very respectable second place, and Silver 1 finished a tough campaign coming in 7th place.

Weekend Pennant

6 May – won against Riverlakes 3/2

20 May – won against Brookwater 3/2

27 May – lost against Oxley 5/0

3 June – squared with McLeod 2.5/2.5

The weekend team still has one match to play against Nudgee on 10 June and we wish you good luck.

Well done to all our players, caddies and captains.  You have done us proud this year.  Thanks also to the volunteer helpers for at-home pennant hosting:  Jenny Johnson, Barbara Singleton Helen Placanica, Leona Stewart, Helen Caris, Jaculin Zuidam, Trisha Quinn, Vivienne Cassidy and Robyn Cuming and for Weekend pennants Barb Singleton, Liz Foreman, Jenny Johnson, Leng Ho, Catherine Morgan, Trish Quinn, Bev Folliott, Yvonne Butcher and Sue Lewandowski.

Silver 3 Pennant season starts 8 June, and the team is as follows:

Leanne James

Lyn Brandon

Anna Lyons

Tessa English

Berenice Holmes


Captain’s Challenge 25 May

Catherine Morgan was the best-placed lady with 37 points.


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Welcome to Anne Vile and Jenny Whelan who updated from LLG Silver to 6-Day membership. Please make them welcome, and we look forward to seeing you joining our Tuesday and Thursday competitions.


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Ladies, Let’s Golf

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Nine & Wine

Held Thursday 10 May saw 15 new golfers paired with 15 experienced golfers to play a fun 9-holes Ambrose competition. For many of the new golfers, this was their first experience on course, and by all accounts, they thoroughly enjoyed the experience.



Golf Queensland Come & Try Clinics

Clinics were also conducted on Thursday 24 and Saturday 26 May. Nine ladies attended the Thursday and ten participated on Saturday. All but one of these ladies has booked in for our Level 1 clinics, an outstanding response.




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Around The Traps

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Help DeeDee Realise Her Dream

Member DeeDee Russell, elite women’s amateur golfer, and QAS squad member and member of our Gold 1 pennant team, has now left for the USA and Canada to compete in a series of international tournaments and amateur championships as part of her dream to pursue a professional golf career. The Ladies’ Committee is pleased to be able to support DeeDee in her endeavors by donating $500 from our Development Fund to assist with travel costs.  DeeDee has also set up a GoFundMe page where donations can be still be made. To donate, Click Here.


Did he play it as it lies?

This is what a golf ball through a plate glass window looks like, as the ladies at lunch in the Member’s Lounge last Saturday witnessed. The big question, did he play the ball as it lies? Actually, he got relief from the cart path (as the ball ricocheted off the window) and he parred the hole (and he bravely came up into The Clubhouse to apologise!) 


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Golf Plus

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Another Reason to Walk Quickly

If the pace of play and keeping up with the group ahead isn’t motivation enough to walk briskly to your ball rather than dawdling at a snail’s pace, then this latest study from the University of Sydney might get you cranking it up a gear.

Older people who walk at a brisk pace are half as likely to die from a heart attack or stroke as those who dawdle ….for all walkers aged over 30, a fast or average speed – 5km/h – cuts the risk of death from any cause by more than 20 percent over a 15-year period.  …Walking faster had the greatest effect on the over-60s ….53 percent less likely to die from a heart or stroke than slower movers.”  (as reported in The Courier Mail,  Saturday 2 June 2018) 

So do you know how fast is “brisk”?  You need to walk at a pace that makes you slightly out of breath, or sweaty when sustained.



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