New Honour Board Event Dates

The inclement weather experienced over the past week or so has affected the playing of several of our early season Honour Board events. The Match Sub-Committee has been working to find new dates and I’m pleased to provide below a list of our rescheduled Honour Board events. Please note the revised dates are subject to weather and course conditions and we will advise if any any further changes are required.

Rescheduling of G. H. Mocatta President’s Cup:

  • Qualifying – Saturday, 14 March
  • Round 1 – on or before Saturday, 2 May
  • Round 2 – on or before Saturday, 20 June
  • Round 3 – on or before Sunday, 19 July
  • QF – on or before Sunday, 16 August
  • SF – on or before Sunday, 13 September
  • Final – on or before Monday, 5 October

Rescheduling of Tennyson Cup:

  • Qualifying – Saturday, 7 March (no change)
  • Round of 16 – Saturday, 21 March – play in 4’s at end of PM field
  • QF – Saturday, 28 March – play in 4’s at end of PM field
  • SF – Saturday, 4 April – play in 4 at end of PM field
  • Final – Saturday, 18 April – play in 2 at start of PM field (11.00am)

Rescheduling of Midweek Challenge Oldest Member Cup:

  • Qualifying – Wednesday, 25 March
  • Round of 16 – on or before Wednesday, 13 May
  • QF – on or before Wednesday, 1 July (no change)
  • SF – on or before Wednesday, 19 August (no change)
  • Final – Wednesday, 30 September (no change)

Rescheduling of Johnson Staines Fourball:

  • Qualifying – Saturday, 4 April
  • QF – played by Saturday, 6 June
  • SF – played by Saturday, 18 July
  • Final – played by Saturday, 29 August

Rescheduling of Sir Leslie Wilson Cup:

  • Round 1 – Saturday, 22 February (in conjunction with Monthly Medal)
  • Round 2 – Saturday, 29 February

It is not an easy process to reschedule our Honour Board events as the Match Sub-Committee has had to consider a number of factors. We understand that some members who were not available on the original dates are now available on the rescheduled days and vice versa.

Please be advised the time sheets for each of the revised events will open two weeks prior to the date as per usual. Other events scheduled for these revised dates will be determined. Other events scheduled for these revised dates will be determined.