The Deane Report August 2017


Welcome to the August 2017 edition of the Deane Report.

There is plenty of exciting news and happenings around the Golf Club during this period. It’s been a superb winter for playing, the course remains in great condition and a tremendous variety of events are providing great opportunities for Members to get out and play some good golf.

I trust you are taking advantage of it.

It was wonderful to crown two new Club Champions in Lawry Flynn and Isabelle Simpson during our Championship season and we look forward to them taking each other on in September. It promises to be a match to remember. (Refer Member News for details).

It is exciting for the Men’s Pennants team to be back in Division 1 for the first time in 35 years (1982), and with a real chance of winning our first Division 1 title since WWII.  We really appreciate the support of Members and hope you are keeping up to date through the Latest News on the website.

I trust you enjoy this edition and catching up on information concerning the happenings around the  Club. There are some useful hints on looking after the Course as well as updates on events that are on the horizon.

Good golfing!

Stephen Deane.

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Member News

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BDGA Pennants

At the time of writing, we are half way through our return to Division 1 in the BDGA Pennant competition. Our opening two matches were away, first up against defending Champions Keperra GC and then the traditional powerhouse Nudgee GC. It was a tough initiation but to get a draw against Nudgee and a respectful loss to Keperra showed we belong. Our first home match against Oxley saw a resounding victory and sets up an exciting conclusion for the second half of the season.

The Masters squad of Gary Brodie, Warwick Oxenford, Brett Kinninmont, Nick Woodley, debutant Rick Davenport and myself are undefeated and remain on course for our fourth straight Masters Pennant.

We are extraordinarily lucky to have a fine group of youngsters making up the Junior Squad. Sam Slater, Ben Stieler, Bailey Ittensohn, Dylan Barraclough, Jordan Hampson, Matthew Van Eden, James Sammutt, Kaito Chiu and Hayden Millen. They are set up nicely with a 2 win, 1 loss record at the halfway mark.

The Open division is running up against the top amateur golfers in the Brisbane District and have acquitted themselves admirably. Two away losses against strong sides and a very good home win sees them holding their own. We have played Lawry Flynn, Stephen Cox, Louis Dobbelaar, Kurt Carlson, Tim Lukin, Lewis Clelland, Joel Negline, Jacob Clarke, Jordan Lett, Eugene Estella, Simon Dougan-Jones, Scott Bretherton, Tom Deane and Phil Lynem to date, and they have all represented the Club very well.

We get a tremendous lot of support from fellow Members and it is very much appreciated as it is a great honour for all of us to represent the Club for those six Sundays a year.

Thanks for the help we all get from Phil Fraser, Doug Lukin, Geoff Kuehner, Renitta Flynn and Bruce Nicol, and to the many caddies who have made the effort so far this season.

We look forward to the second half of the season and making a good account of ourselves.


Championship Challenge

For the first time at the Club, the male and female Champions will do battle in an 18-hole match play format on Sunday, September 17. It will be a celebration of our two young Club Champions, Lawry Flynn and Isabelle (Issy) Simpson. Tee off is at 11.00am and we would love to see members come out to watch these fine young golfers, in our version of the battle of the sexes.

Refreshments and presentation will follow.


Hole in One

Congratulations to Jan Coetzee and Gordon Roseler who both had aces at the Club in June/July on the 7th hole.

Neither gentleman must ever have thought they would hit the perfect shot as they weren’t members of our Hole in One Club. It is free to join and if a member has a hole in one each other member contributes a further $1 from their Trophy Account to sweeten the reward. Currently, the Club has 71 members.

Who will be the next naysayer who thinks it will never happen to them? Don’t let it be you. Join by visiting the “Golf/hole in one club” tab on the website.









Junior Members having success

One of the most pleasing developments of the Club in recent times is to see the increase

d number of Junior Members at the Club at all levels. Members often comment to me how wonderful it is to see so many of Joe’s young cadets enjoying their clinics on a Saturday afternoon or school holiday. It is a real credit to the effort Joe and his team are putting into Junior Golf.

Without a doubt the more young players we expose to our great game, the increased chances there are for one of them to become a Champion, even if we all know it is a long journey.

In the last month or so it is great to see many of our Juniors having success. Congratulations to Kaito Chiu for winning the Golf Queensland Boys Winter Classic. I’m sure receiving his trophy from recent PGA Tour winner Cameron Smith was a real thrill.

Congratulations also to Sam Slater who won the QLD Secondary Schoolboys Championship. Fellow Junior Member Ben Stieler finished runner up and both boys have been picked for the Secondary schools QLD team.

Issy Simpson, our new crowned Ladies Club Champion, finished 4th in the Girls event and was also named in the Girls State Team.

It is wonderful to see so many of our Juniors having success at all levels. As a Club, we should enjoy their efforts and be proud of their representation as they are all fine young golfers and people.



Opening of the Movement Space Facility for Members

It was pleasing to see the opening of the new Movement Space in the Men’s Locker Room on July 31. Club Member Matt Winkley, who is the guru to the Queensland Academy of Sports and has worked with Professional golfers such as Jason Day and Cam Smith, wants to provide a value-added service to members to improve both their health and their golf.

The movement space is open seven days a week for the use of all Members. It can be used unsupervised for warming up or warming down after a round of golf, or alternatively, it can also be used under supervision for Strength & Conditioning and Pilates.

Easy-to-follow exercise charts will be on the walls and the necessary mats and stretching equipment available to Members. Additionally, partitions have been installed for privacy purposes.

Make sure you look at all the options in the recent communications that have been sent.


Messages from Mitch – Practicing

In this edition, I have asked our Course Superintendent to provide his thoughts on the ideal way Members can take divots when practicing.


There are 3 main types of divot patterns that we typically see on our practice areas 1.Concentrated 2.Scattered  3.Linear.

Below are pictures that demonstrate the damage caused after hitting 30 practice balls using each pattern.

  1. Concentrated Divot Pattern – This pattern optimises teeing area, however, takes the longest for the grass to cover. During winter this divot pattern will not recover.

  2. Scattered Divot Pattern – This pattern uses the most teeing area, however, it will recover reasonably well. During winter these divots will take 6-8 weeks to fully recover.

  3. Linear Divot Pattern – This Divot pattern optimises teeing area and will recover reasonably well. Although during winter it will take 6-8 weeks to recover, this is the best pattern for maximizing teeing area and recovery.  









Course Respect – Look after the course and the course will look after you 

I have often believed if you respect and look after the course, the course will look after you. Have you ever wondered why you get a lucky bounce, maybe it is because you fixed that divot. Have you ever wondered why some putts fall in and others don’t? Perhaps you looked after that green by fixing the pitch mark or not making spike marks!

I wish I had a dollar during my Captaincy for every time a member mentions how badly raked bunkers are. I recently received an email from a respected member who could not believe his recent run of bad lies in bunkers. He noted the reasons he had heard over the years from players – The rake was too far away, I had to hurry to play my shot, my back is too sore, I didn’t make much of a mark, the rake is no good, I didn’t leave an imprint or the best one it wouldn’t be a member, it’s those social club players. Of course, he concluded quite correctly – All absolute rubbish.

I wish that we could install cameras like the ones I saw in the recent Open Championship. I think they would provide fascinating viewing of the failure of people to rake and rake well.

Can I make one last plea – out of respect for the course, the course staff and your fellow members, can you please make an effort to treat bunkers well, rake the bunker so it is left in a condition, that if you hit into it, you would be happy to play out of. You never know you might find the universe thanks you and you might hole a couple!


Rules – Marking Position of Ball during Play of a Hole

A question that some amateur golfers seem to have a problem with is which Rules situations require the position of a ball to be marked and which do not? An easy rule of thumb to assist you is that when the ball is to be replaced at the same spot from where it was lifted, it must be marked before it is touched.

The ball has to be marked before being touched:

  • On the putting green, Rule 16-1b. 
  • For identification, Rule 12-2. Note that this is one of the most frequently breached Rules; you are not permitted to touch your ball in play to positively identify it without marking it first, even if you merely rotate the ball on its spot and do not lift it. 
  • Ball assisting play, Rule 22-1. Note that the ball-marker does not have to remain immediately behind where the ball was at rest. In order to avoid mental interference to the other player while the stroke is being made, once the ball-marker has been placed where the ball was at rest the player might measure one or two club-heads to the side, or even a club-length to the side, providing the routine is accurately reversed when it is being replaced. 
  • Ball interfering with play, Rule 22-2. (Note same as above). 
  • To determine whether relief under a Rule is available (e.g. whether a ball is embedded).

If a ball is not marked when the Rules require that it must be, the player incurs a penalty of one stroke and the ball must be replaced. If it is not accurately replaced before the next stroke is made at it, the penalty increases to two strokes in stroke play or loss of hole in match play, for playing from the wrong place, but there is no additional penalty under Rule 20-1. So, for example, there is no additional penalty if the ball was lifted because it was interfering with play of another ball, and then placed (or dropped) and played from a wrong place.

A ball does not have to be marked:

  • When it has been deemed unplayable, Rule 28. 
  • When relief is being taken from an immovable obstruction, Rule 24-2. 
  • When relief is being taken from a (lateral) water hazard, Rule 26-1. 
  • When relief is being taken from an abnormal ground condition, which includes ground under repair, casual water, and hole, cast or runway made by a burrowing animal, Rule 25-1. 
  • When relief is being taken from a wrong putting green, Rule 25-2. 
  • Under some Local Rules, e.g. relief from a staked tree.

There are occasions when the Rules do not require that the position of a ball is marked, but when it might be advisable to do so:

  • Moving a movable obstruction, Rule 24-1. Note that if a ball moves while a movable obstruction is being moved it must be replaced, so it may be advisable, though not required by the Rules, to mark its position before removing the obstruction.

A ball to be lifted under the Rules may be lifted by the player, his partner or another person authorised by the player. In all these cases the player is responsible for any breach of the Rules, including not marking its position when the Rules require that it must be marked.

Of course, you do not have to bother remembering any of the above regarding marking a ball before lifting it. If you take the precaution of always marking the ball before touching it you will avoid any penalty for getting it wrong.




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Latest Results

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2017 Club Championships

For the second year in a row, the Championship season was interrupted by bad weather. The Club Championship matches on semi-final day were unable to be completed meaning both matches had to be played on the originally scheduled Finals day.

In the A.H. College Championship Final, not since 1982 when Tony Di Tomasso played Lawrence Auer, had the final been played by two players who recently played for the State side. Lawry Flynn who represented QLD in the recent Interstate Series took on Stephen Cox a 2016 State Team representative. Both players traded early holes and the match was all square through 7. Lawry then settled into the match with a solid 5 hole stretch which included birdies on the 8th and 11th holes (Hole 6 and 2) to take a 4 up lead through 12. Both players birdied 13 and 14 (Holes 9 and 1), with the 17th and 18th holes traded, Lawry went to the halfway break 4 up. He extended the lead to 5 Up after 20 holes when Stephen found trouble down the left-hand side but he quickly bounced back winning 21 with a solid par. The next 4 holes were halved but then Lawry found another gear to birdie 4 of the next 5 holes to take out the Championship 8 and 6.

It was nice to see so many members come to watch these two young impressive golfers. Thanks to Phil Fraser for refereeing the Match.

Congratulations to Lawry on his first A.H. College Club Championship. Commiserations to Stephen. I really appreciate both young men who sacrificing other events in their busy golfing calendars to ensure they could compete in this year’s Club Championship. It is gratifying to see such an important event for the Club contested by golfers of this quality.

The Plate Championship final (A Grade members handicapped between 5 and 11) was played between the experienced Joel Negline against a relatively new comer James Poulimas.  Joel came into the final after good wins against Graeme Bell and Zac Halpin. James had progressed after defeating Matt Winkley and Nick Campbell. Joel played solid early on and took control of the match winning 4 of the first 5 holes. James hung in there but couldn’t peg back the early deficit as Joel went on to claim the Plate 7 and 6. Thanks to Phil Fraser for referring the match.

The Senior Championship was played between 2005 Senior Champion and 1980 Club Champion Peter Ash against first-time finalist Andrew Slack. Peter defeated Greg Braun in a tough semi-final match that went down to the wire while Andrew played very well to defeat Richard Peacock.  The final was played on a typically cool July morning with both players taking a little while to warm up. Peter took an early advantage to be 2 up after the 3rd hole and held onto that lead until the halfway mark. Peter quickly claimed the first 3 holes on the back 9 to have the match dormie 5 up. Andrew fought back and won the 14th  but Peter’s half on 15 saw him take his second Senior Championship. Thanks to Bruce Nicol the long-time trophy donor of this event for refereeing the match.

After not having enough Juniors to play a Junior Championship in 2016 it was very pleasing to have a full field of Juniors contesting this year’s Championship. The final was set up for two very strong Juniors to face off in a re-match of this year’s Club Championship quarter-final, Sam Slater v Ben Steiler. Unfortunately, Ben came down with a virus that had him bed ridden in the days leading up to the final and he was still unwell on the day of the final. Sadly, the match had to be forfeited. Congratulations to Sam Slater for the winning the 2017 HW Herbert Junior Championship.  I am sure we will see these two fine young golfers square off in many finals to come.

The B Grade Championship final was played between Rhett Parker and Richard Garnham. Both players had been very solid through the early match play rounds. Rhett defeating Rory O’Malley and Peter Morgan while Richard defeated Sam Gardel and last year’s C Grade Champion Mick Watter. It looked like Richard’s day when he chipped in on the 1st hole and won the second with a par to be two up after 2. Rhett immediately bounced back winning the next 5 holes to take control of the match. With good pars on the 10th and 11th Rhett increased his lead to 5 up before securing the B Grade Championship 6 and 5. Thanks to Alistair McNee for refereeing the match.

The C Grade Championship final was played between Ash Holmes and 2015 C Grade champion Ken Chee. Ash had played 2 very close matches, defeating Craig Grundy and Peter Giesemann, both on the final hole. Ken Chee progressed to the final after defeating John Kastrissios and Nick Kolatsis. Ash got off to a dream start winning the first 5 holes. Despite Ken’s determined and gritty efforts, he could not come back from his early deficit and Ash clinched the C Grade Championship 5 and 4. Thanks to Bruce Nicol for refereeing the match

The Byneset Trophy (Championship for 6 day members) was played between good friends Rob Bischof and Chris Flynn. Chris found his way into the final after defeating Greg Mellifont and last year’s winner Sam Platsis while had Rob defeated 2015 winner Robert Aitken and last year’s runner up Eddie McGory. In another final where the winner got off to a fast start, Rob won the first three holes, and then the fifth hole to go 4 up. Solid golf by Chris saw him peg the difference back to 2 holes before losing the 12th hole to go 3 down. After some tight holes coming down the stretch, Rob hung on to win the Byneset Trophy 3 and 2. Thanks to Nick Woodley for refereeing the match

The Veteran’s Handicap Match Play final was played between popular members John Akhurst and Greg Cooper. John made his way to the final defeating Stephen Croft and Chris Adams, Greg by defeating Geoff Tucker and Peter Gay. Greg took the early lead winning the first two holes of the match. John then turned in a very solid display of golf by winning the next 6 holes to take a commanding 4 up lead at the turn. After holing a bomb on 10 and then winning 11 and 12 John was able to close out the match 7 and 6 to win the 2017 Veterans Handicap Matchplay.


Club Foursomes and Boyce Trophy – Honour Board

Saturday, July 1 saw the running of the Club Championship Foursomes and Boyce Trophy. Nice to see a good portion of members, over 50 pairs, participating in the 36 hole event.

Stephen Deane and Tom Deane won the Club Foursomes with a 36-hole score of 160 from Pat Taaffe and Phil Lynem. In the nett event (Boyce Trophy) first time combination Peter Lee and Peter White won with an even par score of 146.










Honour Board – Lamington Cup

We have reached the semi-final stage of the 2017 Lamington Cup.

In the quarter-finals, the top half saw Simon Dougan-Jones and Adam Gray defeat Mario Rey-Conde and his partner Neil Smith on the 21st hole. They play Mark Deuble and Greg Braun who defeated James Hall and David Raman 2 and 1.

In the bottom half, Rob Brown and Phil Egerton defeated Rick Davenport and Stephen Hughes 3 and 2 and they now play David Prince and Stephen Deane who defeated Des Jones and Chris Adams 3 and 2.


Monthly Medal Winners

A Grade – Anthony Walduck 69
B Grade – Jonathan Scott 69
C Grade – Brian McPherson 39
Best Gross – Sam Slater 73


Monthly Medal July

A Grade – Sam Slater 70
B Grade – Chris Livesey 69
C Grade – Anthony Mailli
Best Gross – Sam Slater 71

Hunter Trophy

After the completion of the July Monthly Medal, we have completed 10 out of the possible 14 rounds of the 2017 Hunter Family Trophy. Sam Slater’s 71 rocketed him up the leaderboard to 5th place. The leader is Nick Woodley on a stroke average of 75. We now have a number of players who have played 10 rounds which mean they can start dropping their worst scores. This will give them an opportunity to move up the leaderboard.

The Hunter Family Trophy winner is the player with the best average gross scores from the Monthly Medals (Dec 2016 to November 2017) and the two qualifying rounds of the A.H College Club Championships. Best 10 scores from the possible 14 rounds will be used.

Follow how you are progressing throughout the year by visiting the Home Page of the Website and visit Latest Results/Hunter Family Trophy. Please note we will only be keeping the averages of those who can complete the 10 rounds.


June Captains Challenge

The June Captains Challenge was played on a perfect Winter’s day with the course in magnificent condition thanks to some rain earlier in the month. The challenge proved tough for all players with the DSR rating for the day being 76. Only two players broke their handicap on the day to win a dozen Callaway Golf Balls.

Congratulations to Peter Walker for winning day with 38 points, defeating his great mate and foursomes companion Scott Connell with 37 points.

The best female player was Ping Liu on 30 points who also collected a dozen Callaway balls for being the leading lady.

The June Challenge saw the finalisation of the 6-month Vinidex Challenge, the winner getting the $1,250 Callaway voucher. Rick Davenport capped a superb series with his 5th place finish in June. This was enough to see him comfortably win the event. He completed the series on 537 points defeating Dean Scott (461) and Peter Wright (383).


July Captain’s Challenge 

Another perfect July Winter’s day for this month’s Captain Challenge and the course played hard and fast with the day’s DSR 74. The day produced an excellent turnout of 215 players which included 44 guests from 13 different clubs around SE Qld. Thanks to those members who invited guests, we trust they enjoyed their day.

John Caris won the day with a very good score of 39 points, he defeated Lachlan Maranta on countback. Jonathan Pepper playing off scratch shot a fine 38 points (2 under), Dean Scott, David Prince also played well to record 38 points. A dozen balls for beating their handicap also went to Malcolm Reiher, Geoff Chapman and Scott Richardson who had 37 points.

The leading lady of the day winning a dozen Callaway Balls was Penny Griffith with 33 points.

This July Challenge is the first in the next 6-month Callaway Vinidex Series. Keep updated on how you are progressing in this event by visiting the Website – Members/Vinidex Order of Merit, just above the Leaderboard section.

Thanks to Vinidex for supporting this monthly event.



QLD Senior Teams Challenge

This event hosted by Golf Queensland provides an opportunity for members over 55 to represent the Club and play some competitive golf in a very social and friendly environment. The event is played on a home and away basis with 4 players playing single scratch match play and 2 4BBB matches playing off ¾ of your handicap.

This year we were grouped with Virginia, Indooroopilly, Royal Queensland, Redcliffe and Bribie Island Golf Clubs.

A total of 26 Members represented the Club in this event. The team finished 4 wins and 6 losses in their group which as a good result against some very strong teams. The team found it hard to win away, which is normal, and only lost one match on home soil against the winning team of our group Redcliffe Golf Club.

Our squad was made up of Brett Kinninmont, Craig James, Peter White, John Kelly, Bob Croft, Jack Evans, Doug Kelly, Martin Riley, Peter Evans, Mike Murphy, Peter Moran, Ashley Stewart, Ross McTaggart, Greg Mellifont, Rob Brown, Ed Trendall, Jeff Chick, Ned O’Connor, Owen Wright, Phil Egerton, Joe Dowling, David McGregor, Phil Fraser, Michael Holmes, John Sheahan and Robert Strutt.

Thank you gentlemen, for being involved and I trust you enjoyed the competition.



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Upcoming Golfing Events

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Honour Board – M.T Stafford Trophy Qualifying

The 55th running of the MT Stafford Trophy has its 18 hole qualifying round on September 9. This trophy acknowledges the services and contribution of Michael ‘Mick’ Stafford who was the Club professional from 1921 to 1970, just short of 50 years.

The qualifying round is an 18 hole 4BBB v Par on Saturday September 9. 8 pairs to qualify for knockout handicap matchplay, Saturday September 16, semi-finals on Saturday September 23 with the final to be played on Saturday September 23.  

Thanks to Phil Wikman for donating the trophy. The defending champions are Rick Davenport and Stephen Hughes.


Honour Board Event – Yeerongpilly Cup

The Club’s Open event available to all players with a daily handicap of 9 or less. The event will be played on September 24 with a 7:30am Shotgun Start. Defending champion is Lawry Flynn. All entries are to be made through The cost is $35 for members which includes lunch.


August Vinidex Captain Challenge – Friday 25 
September Vinidex Captain Challenge – Friday 29

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New Members

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Welcome to our new Members who have joined since the last report.


  • James Barnes
  • Blake Parmenter
  • Lachlan Perrin
  • Dave Whelan
  • Greg Watson

Keep an eye out for them on the timesheet and around the club and make them feel welcome.

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