Course Closure Notifications

With the recent inclement weather, we have experienced occasions whereby the course has needed to be closed or restrictions around motorised carts and/or bunkers applied. Ensuring Members are aware of this information is a high priority and as a result we have prepared the following information to assist you remain up to date.

  • The Course Superintendent conducts a course inspection as soon as conditions and daylight allow for this to be safely carried out. It is endeavoured that a decision be made before 6.00am but in the Winter months this could be later.
  • This decision is immediately forwarded to the Golf Shop and posted on the local rules board.
  • The decision is then posted on our Facebook page. To view our Facebook page simply like it when you are next on Facebook. Alternatively if you don’t have Facebook you can go to our website and click on the Facebook logo at the top right of the screen to see it. You do not need to have a Facebook account to view our Facebook page via the website.
  • The ticker or moving banner on the website homepage will also then updated, along with the header on the Competitions page.
  • You cannot access the Club’s Homepage from our smart phone app, however, if you type into your browser on your smart phone you will see the ticker.
  • If necessary, further information will then be posted in the Latest News section of the website or emailed out to Members.
  • Members are also encouraged to telephone the Golf Shop to obtain the latest course status.

An automated SMS message to alert members is in development and this will enable us to send an SMS on the course status to Members who are booked to play on that day.

The below screenshot is of our website homepage and shows where the Facebook icon and the ticker are located.