Spirit of 1896

After winning the competition on the Spirit of 1896 day held on Sunday, 12 December, with my very amazing friend Cate Dowling, I reflected upon the history of this Club.

I realised that I have a very good friend of 23 years, she lives just a few houses away from me in Fairfield and she is Susie Stafford – the granddaughter of Michael (Mick) Stafford. Mick is the longest serving Golf Professional at The Brisbane Golf Club and he began his contract in 1921 – 100 years ago.

I texted Susie after our win and asked if I could talk with her about her grandfather – Mick Stafford. We met and I gave her the 125 Year Anniversary Book. I read out loud to her the glowing paragraphs written about Mick. She listened, smiling, with tears in her eyes. Susie especially loved when Helen Hudson quoted “Tum in, Bum out Chum”!! She gasped, saying that is exactly what her Dad, Tyrell (Mick’s son) taught her. Tyrell also became a Professional Golfer.

As Mick Stafford was involved in both World Wars, Susie remembers one story in particular. After WW1, Mick was working at BGC and playing a round with a Scottish Doctor. They exchanged War stories. After really looking at each other they remembered one another. Mick had rescued the Scottish Doctor by finding him in No Man’s Land and stretchering him to safety. At the time, to try and thank Mick, the Scottish Doctor said “Take my money belt”. Mick replied “Stick it up your bum!!” Susie laughed and reminisced that as grandchildren they were never, ever allowed to swear but they were always allowed to say “Stick it up your bum!!!!”

Mick Stafford lived at Moorooka while being the Professional at BGC. He caught the train everyday to work. Susie reminded me that there is no train station at the Golf Club. But the train always stopped at the Golf Club to let Mick off – station or no station! Susie suspects it was one of the perks of being the longest serving Golf Professional at The Brisbane Golf Club (nearly 50 years).

Susie felt very honored that her grandfather, Michael Stafford was still being remembered by The Brisbane Golf Club.

Cate and I are truly honored to win this trophy.

Virginia Fraser, Member