Note from the President – Complete Closure

It is with significant regret that I announce the complete closure of our Great Club as a consequence of additional restrictions announced tonight by the Prime Minister. New requirements further limit the ability for people to gather in groups larger than two, unless they are part of the same household. In addition, it is clear the overriding intention is for people to stay at home. Whilst there are reasonable exceptions for people to leave home, we could not genuinely attribute any of those to playing a game of golf. We were initially successful in keeping the golf course open to members during the previously announced Covid-19 restrictions but with these new measures it has become clear that this cannot continue. The course and Club will be closed indefinitely.

We had already taken steps to place significant parts of the Club into care and maintenance mode including decommissioning the bar, clearing areas of perishable stock and cleaning areas as appropriate. This will be extended to the Golf Shop and locker rooms over the next two days. Sadly, the remaining employees who have been helping with Golf Operations will be unable to continue with those roles. We expect to be able to maintain the golf course but this is to be clarified.

Members who feel they need to collect any items from the Club should do so over the next two days. If you do call through, please ensure you respect social distancing as previously advised.

We should plan for a long break from the Club but hope for a short one. My best wishes are extended to you and your family as we move through these uncertain times. Please stay safe and stay home.

Phil Wikman, President