Note from the President – Further Social Distancing Measures Announced

Yesterday the Prime Minister announced a range of measures to slow the spreading of the COVID-19 virus across the country. These measures are intended to promote the most significant influencing factors in the spread – social distancing and good hygiene practices. These measures will have a significant impact on how our Club will operate for the immediate future.

We continue to be guided by the daily Australian government updates on COVID-19 and their recommendations.

Health is the Priority

As previously mentioned, our primary focus is the health and wellbeing of our members, guests and employees. Members are asked to practice good hygiene to protect against infection and prevent the virus spreading. We have previously provided advice to members on good hygiene. While all that advice remains, we particularly want members and guests to focus on the following:

  • Social distancing. Minimum of 1.5m distance from another person and avoid physical contact.
  • Washing hands often with soap and water.
  • If you have a persistent cough, cold symptoms or fever or are generally feeling unwell, stay away from the Club and seek medical advice.

The Club has previously placed sanitiser in the Club for members use. We have more of this on back-order but you will appreciate this is difficult to obtain in the current climate.

Changes to the Club’s Operations

Based on the most recent government announcement it has now been necessary to change the services available to members. We are awaiting clarification on some matters but with immediate effect the following changes will be made at the Club:

  • The golf course will remain open for competition and social golf
  • The driving range and practice facilities will remain open
  • The golf shop will remain open. Self service of food and beverage items will cease.
  • Golf tuition will remain available
  • The Members lounge, deck and Tennyson room will be closed
  • The Garden room will be open for takeaway food and beverage excluding alcohol though the roller door only. There will be no table or chairs outside.
  • The locker rooms will remain open
  • The movement space will be closed
  • Across the Club we would prefer members only used their Club card or fob or credit/debit cards to pay for items. We would like to avoid the use of cash where possible.

Changes to Golf

As part of our support for social distancing we will be implementing the following changes to golf operations and the playing of golf, supported by temporary measures issued by the R&A.

  • Golf competitions and events will be played as currently scheduled.
  • Only one member of a group is to collect scorecards and will be responsible for the completion of all cards during the round, verbally confirming the scores with other members of the group and for submitting of the cards at the end of the round. Junior members should not be the designated marker for the group. Scorecards do not need to be signed.
  • Golf pins will remain in the golf hole and should not be handled at any time. We have inserted a foam filler into the hole to make it shallower and easier to extract golf balls.
  • Nearest the pin and eagle’s nest prizes have ceased with increases made to the competition prize pool for the run down.
  • Bunker rakes have been removed. Please repair the bunker with your foot/club after playing bunker shots. Golfers will have preferred lies in bunkers within one handspan no nearer the hole.
  • There will be no shotgun starts.
  • Presentations will be cancelled. Please refer to our website or social media for the latest results.
  • Golf carts will be available for use by only one player on a first in basis. This applies to both Club and privately owned carts. Golf clubs for two players can be placed on the back of a cart with one player walking. Golf carts will be thoroughly cleaned after use and before the next use. Electric golf buggies will be available for use if needed subject to availability. For those using carts, please be conscious of the need across the Club. We have a limited number of carts and would like to see their use spread across the cart membership. Please walk if you are able.
  • Electric golf buggies and pull buggies are available to members. These will be cleaned after each use and before the next use.
  • Ball washers across the course will be removed.
  • Members and guests are not to drink directly from the water fountains throughout the course. Members are encouraged to bring their own water containers and can refill from the fountains. Water can also be purchased from the Garden room roller door.
  • Ice machines have been turned off and are not to be used.
  • Shoe polish and brushes have been removed.

15th Hole

Amongst all of this upheaval you deserve some good news. The 15th hole will re-open tomorrow, Tuesday 24th.

As you will appreciate there has been significant change to everyday life recently and the Club is changing to address its responsibilities in that. The changes are daily and we are keeping across these changes and advising members as soon as possible. We ask members to be accepting of the directives and changes needed. The service delivery at the Club will be less than expected and we are working with the management team to address this as well and as quickly as we can.

Another significant consequence of the virus is the economic impact. The Club remains strong but is not immune from this impact. We have recently seen the postponement of corporate golf days and weddings as well as the cancellation of a number of Club events. We understand the need to postpone/cancel these and have discussed with the organisers alternative dates and functions that will be more appropriate in the circumstances.

Further, we are very aware that some members’ businesses, employment security and incomes have been severely affected by the downturn in activity and investment markets arising from the virus. Please consider these members and any assistance or support you may be able to provide to help them get through this period.

We are pleased that members and guests continue to enjoy playing our course and the hospitality at the Club, albeit in smaller groups. We encourage members to continue to see the Club as an opportunity to escape from an otherwise uncontrollable situation.

Phil Wikman, President