New Key Fobs Now Available

The Brisbane Golf Club is introducing new key fobs for the use of Members on Monday, 2 July 2018.

Our existing club cards will continue to work with the key fobs an option for Members who are interested.

The key fobs, like the club cards, can be used when making purchases at The Brisbane Golf Club from funds on your house account.

A new key fob can be ordered by emailing or alternatively making a request at the Office in person. Key fobs will be provided at no cost to Members and will be available to collect from the Golf Shop within 48 hours of ordering.

At the same time access to the locker rooms will no longer be restricted to Members with a club card. This will enable easy access for guests to The Brisbane Golf Club.

Members wishing to keep items secure in the locker rooms should avail themselves to a locker. Lockers can be arranged via the Office.