Motorised Cart Membership – Limited Opportunities Now Open

The Brisbane Golf Club currently has limited vacancies for its motorised cart membership.

Motorised cart membership provides you with a motorised cart every time you play golf from just $1,250 per annum for single membership or $1,850 per annum for a *dual membership. This also includes a 12-month range membership and club storage.

For the first time, we are also including electric push buggy membership, subject to availability. This means if you wish to walk instead of using your motorised cart you can use one of our electric push buggies at no additional cost.

If you are interested in becoming a motorised cart member or would like to learn more please contact me on 0411 412 666 or via


Geoff Kuehner, General Manager

*Dual membership allows two Members to have access to a motorised cart but it can only be used once, either jointly or individually, on any given day by the two Members.