Fewer than 30 is a Goal...

Complete Putting

The session commences with a shirt education process including the following:

Which putter should I be using?

Clubhead Design

  • High M.O is more forgiving.
  • Heel/toe weighting resists twisting on off centres strikes.
  • Degree of offset in the shaft or neck to match eye dominance.
  • Grip size, sweeper or hitter.
  • Counter balance or definite head weight.
  • Shaft length for best control/impact.

Putting – the doing

  • Swing path.
  • Face angle.
  • Distance control.
  • Green reading.
  • Making the short ones.


  • Acceptance – immediate.
  • Self – awareness and control.

Training routines and drills to go on with.

Try a new putter that best matches your requirements during the session.

Limited to 6 students – 1.5 hours duration.

Please email Joe Janison with your name and contact details to book.