Freedom No Matter What...

Ball Striking 101

Getting from tee to green (cart is best).

How can we produce a more solid contact, a more consistent centredness of hit, good clubhead speed with predictable flight and shot shape – from least effort.

Reading the ball flight and shot shape by understanding the relationship between Swing Path, Face angle and Angle of Attack..

Knowing your tendencies and how to make the good shots great and the roughies at least ‘friendly’.

Understanding which drills, mental pictures and training to use when practising, to help improve your performance… even on medal days!

Learning to have some fun, by being creative in shaping shots for trajectory and curve with driver, fairway woods, hybrids and the irons

Bookings available on the web-site or through the Golf Shop.

Limited to 6 students – 1.5 hours duration

Please email Joe Janison with your name and contact details to book.