Course Update

The weather over the past few days has certainly presented some challenges for not only our golf course but most golf courses in the greater Brisbane area. Unfortunately the constant rainfall experienced has resulted in the golf course being closed since Sunday afternoon with almost 200mm of rain falling in this time.

We are hopeful of re-opening soon and our course staff are currently working hard to bring this to fruition. The sun being out is much welcomed and will aid our recovery. While our waterways are receding quickly the course is very wet underfoot in a number of areas and these areas will need to improve before we can re-open.

Please be advised the golf course will again be closed on Thursday, 25 March. A decision will be made around this time tomorrow on when we may be able to open the golf course again to walkers and/or motorised carts. We will continue to update Members via our social media and notifications sent to our App.

The wet weather has also impacted the installation of our irrigation. Next week’s work was scheduled to start on Hole 6 but as yet Hole 4 or Hole 5 haven’t been completed. We have decided on wet days not to allow the contractors machinery on the golf course to limit damage. Moving forward we will need to continue to balance the need to complete the project on time with what is best for the golf course and ensuring the project is completed to a high standard.

We continue to welcome Member feedback and/or questions and these can be forwarded to myself via


Geoff Kuehner, CEO