Course Maintenance Update – January 2018

This summer period has been very demanding for all at the Club. We quickly transitioned from the Isuzu Queensland Open, to the greens patching program, to course renovations. I can appreciate at times this intensive work regime would have presented its frustrations for both the membership and the course staff. However, I am pleased that we were able to complete such an intense maintenance programme within a short timeframe. I am certain the course will be in better condition this season as a result of this effort.

With the bulk of the intensive work done, and whilst the course is recovering, we intend to move onto many of the smaller detail jobs that have been given a lower priority during this busy period. The aim over the next fortnight is to have the course tidied up and presented well prior to Opening Weekend.

Given that we are only two weeks post-renovation, I am very happy with the condition of the greens and the progress that they are making. I am sure they will be in great condition for Opening Weekend.

This report will provide a summary of the key course maintenance activities for The Brisbane Golf Club during past month as well as planned activities for February 2018.



Green Speed

Average of 7.5ft.

Patching Program

The patching program is almost complete. Over the next fortnight my team will be turfing the areas around the perimeter of the greens. At this time they will also be lifting or replacing any patches that are not level or have died. The stock for the project will be taken from the 19th green.

Lifting of Greens Collars

Whilst we are working through the greens finishing off the patching program we are also taking the opportunity to lift and tie in some sunken areas on the edges of the collars. This is caused by sand settling which is not uncommon.

One major area that needs specific mention is the bunker edge on the 4th green. We have had to reinstate a length of timber to reinforce the lip while the grass takes root. I will keep the timber covered with sand to prevent balls from ricocheting off it. The timber will be removed as soon as the lip has re-established itself.

Zoysia Collar Replacement

This project complete and turf is knitting in well. The collars will continue to improve over the remainder of the growing season.

Fairway Renovations

The light fairway renovations which were undertaken over the period 15/16th January have also taken well and with continued irrigation and, potentially rain in the next few days will return in very good condition.

Summer Weed Eradication Program

Over the next few months we will be spot sprayings weeds in the Tees, Fairways and Rough. I also plan to continue the treatment on the wiregrass areas. At times this will require leaving the areas long whilst we are working on them. I apologise for any inconvenience, but I am confident we can significantly reduce the weed populations this season.

Reconstruction of Driving Range Nursery and back of 19 Green

We will begin to reconstruct our Nursery green and the back of the 19th green once we have finished the patching program. Both greens will take approximately 12 weeks to grow-in. The 19th green will be unavailable for practice during this period.

Tee Resurfacing and Rock Work around the 5th dam

This project was delayed due to weather and contractor availability before Christmas. I have rescheduled the work for the 19th and 20th of February. Following the resurfacing of the 17th Men’s tee, it will be out of play for approximately 4 weeks.

Driving Range Shade Structure

The driving range shade project is complete and ready to be used. Next month I intend to landscape around the shade sail. This will make the surrounding area easier to maintain and provide a much better appearance. This will be completed in accordance with our volunteers planting days.

Revarnishing of Tee Markers

This project was postponed due to the high workload over the past few weeks. My team will aim to have the blue markers finished this week and start the Red and Yellow markers over the next 2 consecutive weeks.


The landscaping intended to be completed this season is outlined below. We will schedule the project over 3 phases in consecutive months:

Phase 1 – March 2018

Landscaping around driving range shade sail.
Mulching and planting right hand tree line of 6th hole.
Additional plants at the rear of the 5th dam and planting where fig was lost on 6th.

Phase 2 – April 2018

Extension of existing bed between 10 and 18.
Mulching small pockets between 1 and 18
Additional planting on 2 & 7.

Phase 3 – May 2018

14th hole weed tree removal
Screening of Markets on right
Development of small feature planting between 14 and 16th hole.

In summary, there has been a great deal of work conducted over the last six weeks and I would like to thank the members for your patience throughout this period and wish you all the best for the upcoming golfing season.



Mitch Hayes, Course Superintendent