Clubhouse Concept Drawings

The Committee recently engaged Tract Consultants, a leading professional urban design firm, to prepare concept drawings for our Clubhouse precinct.

It is important for the Committee to think about the future in terms of our Clubhouse, as well as our golf course, and these plans allow us to start that process. We have put them on display to show our Members the initial concepts we have received and to obtain your feedback.

While there is currently no funding for these concepts they are important in the sense that they will allow the Committee to plan for the short term as well as the long term, especially if any minor projects with the Clubhouse precinct are needed.

Tract Consultants have produced master plans for many noteable projects including Eastern Golf Club, The National, The Sands, 13th Beach and Sandhurst Golf Club just to name a few.

Please forward your feedback to myself via email at

Geoff Kuehner, General Manager

Click on images to enlarge and to be able to zoom in and out.