The Captain’s Report – June 2018

Welcome to the June edition of the Captain’s Report.

As this report is being written we are in the middle of the 2018 A.H. Colledge Club Championships with the qualifying rounds played over the last couple of weekends of May. There’ll be some exciting matchplay golf over the next month to determine the winners in all our divisions.

I have always valued the Club Championship culture of the Club and it is great to see all the various Championship events being hotly contested. It enables all members regardless of handicap, age, category, ability to compete for Championship glory. I wish them all the best as their Championship dreams unfold.

I would love to see as many members come out and watch the matches over the coming weekends, particularly Finals Sunday on the 17th of June. As in recent years, we will provide some live scoring during the matchplay rounds via Facebook, or you can visit the website at the end of the day’s play for all the final results.

For those who have not qualified for this year’s Championships, there are still plenty of opportunities to play some great golf. Winter sees the playing of our major Foursomes events, the Club Foursomes (Boyce Trophy) and the Lamington Cup. For those new to the Club and to golf, foursomes is a wonderful game which brings unique challenges and joys. Grab a mate and enjoy the format and for those looking for a partner please contact the Golf Shop and they will endeavor to match you up with an appropriate partner. This report provides greater details on these events.

Please also read the Member News section where we provide some information around golf at the Club. Enjoy the read.

Stephen Deane


Member News

Monthly Hot Topic – Pace of Play 

With Winter now here, we have beautiful, but shorter Brisbane days. The focus on golf’s greatest problem, Pace of Play becomes paramount. While we have made some improvements at the Club over the last couple of years we are starting to see some longer rounds creep back in. It is an issue with which we must all be constantly diligent. It is the responsibility of EVERY member on EVERY day to encourage fellow members with this issue. Respectfully assisting and reminding each other of the need to play at a pace that keeps up with the group in front, will go a long way to solving any potential problem.

The Match Committee has identified individuals and groups that require support on this issue and we will be working with these members in the coming period.

Can I also ask members to monitor themselves and each other on these three basic principles;

  1. We play ready golf at The Brisbane Golf Club, particularly on the tees. Mark your card after you hit off. The number of times I see four players marking their card when the fairway ahead of them is clear is frustrating.
  2. It is okay to move ahead to your ball and start preparing for your shot as long as you remain cognisant of safety and etiquette for your fellow players. Again, I too often witness all four players in a group standing with the player who is about to hit his shot, and then walking as a group to the next ball. If, when possible, we all went to our ball and prepared for our shot, we would clear the area and keep the field moving.
  3. A similar lack of discipline happens on greens. We all appreciate the need to study and prepare for your putt but a lot of that can be done while others are putting, not just when it is your turn. Again, be respectful of etiquette but time can be saved on the greens.

Saturday Timesheet Management

These last few months the Committee has been considering a range of practices to address the management of golf on Saturdays with a view to getting as many members into the field as possible. It remains our busiest day of the week and with shorter winter days the time sheet can get congested when first released. Our experience is that the waitlist has been effective in getting members a game before the day but we appreciate more members would like improved access to the time sheet and have more certainty about their tee time.

After consultation with the Ladies’ Committee the Committee has evaluated options and is progressing with a new approach to Saturday play encompassing the following:

  • An open time sheet throughout the day providing access to allmembers with Saturday playing rights throughout the day.
  • A dedicated allocation of four groups for the ladies’ competition out of the total available for the day (54 groups in the smallest field of the winter) to preserve the social experience of the ladies on a Saturday morning. Any vacant spots in these allocated groups will revert to open slots two days after the time sheet is opened.
  • Members in the ladies’ competition wishing to play in the morning field should utilise these dedicated groups first.
  • All other groups (minimum of 50 groups) available to all players in both men’s and ladies’ competitions.
  • Access to the time sheet for junior members will be provided at 1pm on the Friday before the day of play.

These changes will be implemented from Saturday, 23 June (timesheet opening Saturday, 9 June). We believe this approach will be the most effective in increasing access to the Saturday time sheet.

Management of Other Golf Days

The Committee has also considered and is progressing to an open time sheet for play on Thursdays. In this instance there will not be any dedicated allocation of groups to either a men’s or ladies’ competition. All groups will be accessible for all members eligible to play on Thursdays. This is consistent with Mondays, Fridays and Sundays. At this time there is no move to change the playing of dedicated ladies’ and men’s competitions on Tuesdays and Wednesdays respectively. These days are very popular with the competitors on those days and the Committee feels with access open on more days of the week there is a reasonable balance of access and dedicated competitions. The change to the Thursday time sheet will be implemented from Thursday, 28 June (timesheet opening Thursday, 14 June). Based on the success of changes on Saturdays and Thursdays further access to the weekday time sheets may be considered.

Rotation of Pins

Members will be aware we mark the position of pins on the cards and we also follow a pattern of Front, Middle and Back during the round. During Winter 2018 we wish to provide the Course Staff with the flexibility to place pins in appropriate positions given the condition and pace of the green. We are often restricted in doing that by the rotation and card policy. Hence for the coming period, the cards will not have the position of the pins and there’ll be no rotation policy.

Rotation of Holes

One of our great assets at the Brisbane GC is the fact we have 21 Championship Holes. We have a number of members playing many rounds which is great, but with the current 65,000 rounds a year average (many equivalent Clubs have an average of 40,000 per year), there are times in a year where we would like to rest holes as part of our on-going course maintenance. During Winter 2018 we will do that in weeks where there are no major golfing events.  Depending on what holes need resting we will endeavour to re-route the course in the most efficient way possible. We will communicate to members the weeks this will apply.

Championship Layout – When and Why?

I have had a number of members asking why we alter the course for various events and use what is known as the ‘Championship Layout’. The original course layout was not based around a two ‘nine’ hole loop. It simply left the clubhouse (10th hole) and returned after 18 holes (the 9th). When the decision was taken in the past to run our normal competitions from two tees and create a morning and afternoon field the layout of the course altered to what we now know as the Yeerongpilly Course (1-9, 10-18).

The Championship Course is the layout in which the course was originally intended to play, and as such from a pace of play perspective, is the quickest course for play as the greens flow naturally to the next tee. (eg. Reducing the walk from the 16th green to the 17th tee with a more natural flow to the 5th tee), the 6th to the 3rd, the 4th to the 17th are other examples.

Hence when we run competitions that have a shotgun start or a one tee start (such as the Captain’s Challenge, Club Championships, Club Foursomes etc.), the Match Committee considers the ‘Championship Layout’ the best option from a pace of play perspective. The card is altered and shows the flow of holes.

Nine-Hole Competition 

During winter, time slots will be added to both the 1st and 10th tee at the end of the Saturday field for a nine-hole competition.

It is unlikely Members using these tee times will finish 18 holes, however, Members can play as long as the daylight permits and if they don’t finish will be eligible to submit a card in our nine-hole competition.

The competition fee will be $6. These rounds will also be handicapped.

Guests in Winter

During winter the Match Committee, wishing to provide the maximum opportunity for members to play on a Sunday, is limiting the number of Guest to one per Member

If a Member wishes to invite more, under special circumstances, they will need to contact myself or Joe Janison, Director of Golf and request approval.

Member Profile

Corey Oates 

Subtlety, not speed, for smashing Broncos winger.

Corey Oates bristled when it was suggested he had recently broken two drivers on the golf course.

“No, that’s not right. I’ve only broken one,” said the Brisbane Golf Club member who normally plies his trade smashing through defences while scoring tries for the Brisbane Broncos.

Once, the 192 cm/105kg winger would have accepted the broken-driver accusation as a badge of honour. Not anymore.

Now, aged 23 and with 105 NRL games and four State of Origin appearances behind him, Oates concedes he is far more sensible and responsible than when the days of breaking drivers was ‘a bit of fun’.

“I’m not sure where that information came from, but it’s not true,” he said, palming off the allegation like he does on charges through opposing forward packs.

“I broke a driver a little while ago, but that was a case of the head flying off as I hit the ball. But I do admit there were times when anger took over and a golf club would get busted.”

The Brisbane Golf Club teaching pro, Reece McRae, has no hesitation in suggesting that with more practise and finesse the big left hander can become a very handy golfer.

“He has the power, but his swing is a little loose,” said McRae who has been helping Oates hone his game.

“At the moment his golf is more muscle than finesse, but he is tempering that side of his game. Corey is time poor because of his football commitments, but when he can dedicate more time to golf he will most certainly improve.”

McRae instanced a recent session on the practise fairway as an example of the power Oates possesses.

“The Queensland Golf State Team members were also on the range and they were hitting their drives over the back fence, but on the bounce,” he said.

“Corey was crushing them over the back fence on the fly. He hits it as far as anyone I have ever seen in the flesh.”

As is the case with most professional sports people, Oates likes to get right away from the discipline of the team environment when given a day off. Fishing and golf are his relaxation targets.

And he finds it difficult to separate them.

“Fishing takes a little longer and is more difficult to organise, but I just love the calmness of sitting in a boat, seemingly in the middle of nowhere, waiting for bites,” he says.

“Golf, on the other hand, is much more competitive, but I still find it relaxing. And now that I don’t try and hit the cover off the ball every time, I’m finding it more enjoyable.”

Although he plays off a ‘very generous’ handicap of 20, Oates is no newcomer to golf. He had an early introduction to golf through his paternal grandparents, Peter and Colleen Oates.

The two families lived on a property at Baralaba in Central Queensland and Peter and Colleen, as well as Corey’s dad Warren, dabbled in the game at the local nine-hole course.

In fact his grandparents, who now live at Yeppoon, still play regularly.

“Pa plays three times a week at Yeppoon Golf Club, and Nan is a regular there too, although not as often as Pa,” he said.

“They taught me the fundamentals of the game when I was a kid, but I never took it too seriously. It was only when I moved down to the Broncos that I grabbed the opportunity to play reasonably regularly.”

His connection to The Brisbane Golf club came through his father-in-law, former rugby League legend Gene Miles. The ex-Broncos captain and now chairman of the Queensland Origin selection panel has been a member since 1992.

“We have played together a few times but, because he is still so competitive, I’m always nervous about beating him,” Oates explained.

“Not only am I married to his daughter (Tegan) but as an Origin selector I am mindful of keeping in his good books. But being nice to him hasn’t worked with the Maroons since they dropped me after game one last year.”

While Gene might not be a regular golfing partner, his son Liam and Corey play together often, along with 2018 Origin debutant Andrew McCullough. But not many other current Broncos are keen golfers.

As his life and his footy have matured, so has Oates’ golf game. He concedes that once he believed hitting it hard and long was best – now it’s position rather than distance.

“I have slowed my swing down a lot, and maybe that’s why I haven’t been breaking those drivers anymore,” he joked.

“Now I’m finding that my short game, particularly putting, is where I can gain some shots. I recently bought a new putter which hopefully will help even more.”

But while he loves the course, Oates says the greens at Brisbane are his greatest challenge.

“They are very true if you find the right line,” he said.

“But they are also very fast. Finding the right line as well as the right speed just might take me a little longer to master, seeing I’m only out there once a week, at best.” – TONY DURKIN

Latest Result

Vinidex Captain’s Challenge

Captain’s Challenge
  • April Winner – Kris Colley 41pts
  • May – Tom Porter 39pts

Click here to view the Vinidex Challenge Update.

Tennyson Cup
  • Winner Cameron Powell defeated Ash Holmes






Midwinter Trophy (Blackheath Medal)
  • Gary Brodie






Fourqueux Mixed Foursomes Championship
  • Cameron Powell & Anna Lambert






Monthly Medals
  • April
    • A Grade – C Anderson nett 68
    • B Grade – K Baveas nett 69
    • C Grade – J Kastrissios 44pts
    • Best Gross – I Soldan 71
  • May
    • A Grade – P Ash nett 68
    • B Grade – J Crittall nett 67
    • C Grade – R Walter nett 69
    • Best Gross – G Brodie 74
Hunter Trophy Update

Current leader Cameron Powell. Click here to view full the leaderboard.

Claiming Cup

24 BGC members took on the Indooroopilly GC at Indooroopilly in the 52nd running of the Claiming Cup.

Indooroopilly won the match 6.5 to 5.5 to retain the Cup and extend their overall lead to 31-21.

Indooroopilly were fantastic hosts. Thanks to their Captain Brad Whiting and Director of Golf David Scott. The course was in great condition and the competition was spirited and enjoyable.

Thanks to BGC Members John Kastrissios, Warwick Oxenford, John Kelly, Bob Croft, Ralph Hockings, Philip Fraser, Darryl Standfield, Reece McRae, Nicholas Frisby, Andrew Slack, Peter Evans, Geoff Kuehner, Joe Janison, Ian Nash, Nicholas Nicolaou, Mark Deuble, David Prince, Alistair McNee, Graydon Atthow, Graham Thams, Greg Braun, Lachlan Armstrong and Conrad Cassaniti for playing and representing the Club.

We look forward to taking the Cup back at home in 2019.

Great to see two great and Founding Clubs of Golf in Brisbane continuing a long-standing tradition.





Upcoming Events

Club Championship Matchplay
  • Quarter-finals 3rd of June
  • Semi-finals 10th of June
  • Finals Day 17th of June
Saturday, 16th June – Monthly Medal
Monday, 18th of June – US Open Breakfast
Friday, 29th of June – Captain’s Challenge sponsored by Vinidex
Honour Board – Club Foursomes and Boyce Trophy

Saturday 30th of June is the Club Foursomes Championship and Boyce Trophy – 36 hole shotgun starts using the Championship Layout. In the event of a tie for the gross event, a sudden-death playoff will be used. Countback for the nett event.  The timesheets for those playing in the events will open three weeks out.

For those members who wish to play only 18 holes’ foursomes that day, either am or pm, a separate nett foursomes event will be held. You will be eligible to put your name into the timesheet on the normal 2 weeks prior.

Would love to see more members involved, grab a suitable partner and enjoy a day of Foursomes Golf.

Wednesday, 11th of July – Quarter Finals Midweek Challenge (Oldest Members Cup)
2017 Winners Tom & Stephen Deane
The Lamington Cup Qualifying

The qualifying round for the Lamington Cup has it’s 18-hole qualifying round on Saturday 14th July with 8 pairs qualifying for 18 holes knockout match play. Quarterfinals are on Saturday 21st of July, semi-finals 28th of July and the final Saturday 4th of August

The second oldest of our Honour Board events, dating back to 1898, it was named after Lord Lamington, the Governor of QLD and first President of the Club.

2017 Winners Greg Braun & Mark Deuble
Friday, 27th of July – Captain’s Challenge sponsored by Vinidex
Saturday, 28th of July – Monthly Medal

Around the Traps

2018 Seniors Team Challenge

This event hosted by Golf Queensland provides an opportunity for members over 55 to represent the Club, play some competitive golf in what is a very social and friendly environment. The event is played on a home and away basis with 4 players playing single scratch match play and 2 4BBB matches played off ¾ of your handicap.

This year we were in a Group with Indooroopilly, Gailes and Carbrook Golf Clubs.

Great to see 24 members play in this event, the team was competitive winning all their matches at home and grabbing an away win at Carbrook. Unfortunately, Gailes GC had a little too much strength and advanced to the final stage from our group.

Our squad was made up of Brett Kinninmont, Craig James, Peter White, Jeff Chick, Andrew Slack, Martin Riley, Ashley Stewart, Jack Evans, Peter Moran, Michael Murphy, Robb Brown, Ross McTaggart, Doug Kelly, Rob Bischof, John Kelly, Martin Green, Ed Trendall, David McGregor, Michael Holmes, Ken Chee, Doug Lukin, Phil Egerton, Joe Dowling and Robert Strutt.

Thanks, Gentleman, for being involved and we trust you enjoyed the competition.

I would encourage eligible members to keep an eye out for this invite next year. It is a great event.

Anzac Day – 25th April

BGC Members pay their respects at the the morning’s Anzac Day Ceremony.

Thank a Superintendent Week – 16th May

BGC celebrated ‘Thank a Superintendent Week’ which is a campaign to driver awareness and recognition of the great contributions superintendents make to the game of golf. We are proud of our course staff led by our superintendent Mitch Hayes. They do a wonderful job of which we are very thankful.

Picture Perfect Surnise – 25th May

A perfect golf sessions with the perfect backdrop, check out the sunrise captured at BGC.