BGC Members invited to Step-in and Step-up


The Brisbane Golf Club has launched an innovative program to source members for committees, select groups and key volunteer roles.

Endorsed by the Club Committee as a succession planning initiative to identify the next generation of club leaders, the Step-in, Step-up Program is the brainchild of Club Vice President Deb Kember.

The Step-in, Step-up Program combines succession planning and networking to support club members as they take steps towards a committee role.

“Learning the ropes takes time, but it all happens much faster with the right support and advice,” said Deb.

“Having members in my corner such as former Treasurer and current Committee member Geoff Moore to provide clarity around the business of the club and the broader golf industry is valuable and encouraging.”

The first part of the program – Step-in – invites interested members to complete an Expression of Interest Survey. The responses are reviewed by the newly established Nominations Panel of current and former Club Committee members, with recommendations then made for the vacant committee positions.

“But the Nominations Panel will not override the annual election process where all eligible members are welcome to stand for a Club Committee position within the bounds of the Club Rules,” Deb explained.

“The Nominations Panel will, however, help the Club Committee involve a mix of members and balance of expertise, essential for effective decision-making and working towards providing an exceptional golfing and social experience for members and guests.”

To Step-up, the Club Committee is offering to connect aspiring committee members with current and former committee members for networking and familiarisation with the business of the Club.

“Our team of current and former committee members will be known as Active Allies,” Deb announced.

“The role of an Active Ally will be to share their knowledge, experience and network, taking an interest in the member’s journey and checking in periodically, potentially across a few years. Maintaining confidentiality and working within governance standards of the Club will be important for all those involved.”

Life Member and former Club President Peter Castrisos has stepped up as an Active Ally. He has committed to helping others build their understanding of the Club, the rules of golf, refereeing, as well as being an effective committee member.

Jodi Holmes is the first member to step-in to the program. She is keen to learn more about the role of Club Captain and considers the Active Ally partnership as a great opportunity.

Jodi recently joined Peter on the course in his capacity as Club Championships Chief Referee and described the experience as insightful.

“It was interesting to see the game from Peter’s perspective. He shared his insights on refereeing top-level golf events, which opened my eyes to how we can take refereeing women’s golf at the Club to the next level,” she said.

Deb stressed that supporting colleagues has always occurred informally through existing contacts.

“The Step-in, Step-up Program is about broadening networks and supporting members to start a journey towards Club committee involvement,” she said.

“The program is also part of the Club’s Women and Girls Engagement Plan, developed when we signed the R&A Women in Golf Charter.  Golf Australia recognised the value of such a program when awarding us the March 2023 Visionary of the Year.”

“We are looking forward to hearing from all members interested in stepping-in soon, or in the future, and supporting them to advance the Club agenda with the help of an Active Ally.”