3 ways doing some gym work improves your golf

Matt Winkley is a BGC Member who has trained two golfers inside the Top 100 World Rankings across the PGA Tour, the European Tour & multiple winners on the Australian PGA Tour. He operates both private sessions and small group sessions from the movement space located at The Brisbane Golf Club or from his HQ in Kelvin Grove. Matt has prepare the following article on how going to the gym can improve your golf. If you are interested in obtaining further information please contact Matt via winkfit@winkfit.com.au.

  1. Better body awareness and capacity
    • This covers a large number of factors improving your golf swing. With better body awareness comes better positions because you know where your limbs are in space, not to mention you can get into positions previously you haven’t had access to eg. increased turn into your trail hip.
    • If you can load better you can increase your ground reaction forces (GFR’s) and make increases in ball speed (distance) without having to increase power production via muscle increases or impulse.
    • A decrease of excess fat also allows you to manage your centre of mass better for a more connected swing.
  1. Increased ability to tolerate more golf
    1. Increasing the capacity of your body to handle more load results in less soreness not only during golf but immediately after golf and subsequently the following days after. This allows for more practice time, the option to play more rounds during a given time period (think better scores on the golf trips) and as a by-product of playing more golf, you increase the likelihood of a decrease in your handicap.
    2. A decrease of excess fat also allows you to tolerate walking better not only improving your golf but allowing you to improve your quality of life by walking more.
  1. Increased mental health and strength on the golf course
    1. Common perception often links gym work to benefits only related to increasing muscle size or cardiovascular fitness, but in fact has a strong correlation to improving a person’s mental health strength.
    2. By increasing the regularity of gym work will positively reflect and an increase resilience, self-esteem, sleep, energy level and a sharper / clearer thinking process lasting the entire duration of the round.
    3. With golf predominantly perceived as a mental game, small improvements in mental strength can mean the difference between having a good round and a great round.