Green Renovations

Our major tee and green renovations are scheduled for Tuesday, 6 October 2020 and Wednesday, 7 October 2020.

This renovation acts as a rejuvenation process for the turf and sets our tees and greens up to tolerate the summer ahead. The practices and machinery used for this important task will remain the same as last year.

Please note the course including the driving range and practice facilities will be closed on both of these days due to the scope of works involved. The Clubhouse will also be closed.

We expect the greens to have fully recovered within three to four weeks, however, this will be dependent on weather conditions.


Members would have noticed that we have sprayed the weeds on our fairways in recent weeks. The weed killing process is staged, applying herbicide to retard the weeds while encouraging the green couch, our fairway grass, to outcompete and grow through the weed, before re-applying herbicide to completely kill the weed. This process will continue over the next few months and we will see the green couch return and eliminate the weeds.

Member Feedback

We continue to welcome Member feedback and ask that it be forwarded to our General Manager, Geoff Kuehner via He will ensure it is tabled at future Course Sub-Committee meetings for discussion and a response if required.


Paul O’Callaghan, Course Chair