Note from the President – Easing of Temporary Restrictions

This morning, the Premier made an announcement that the temporary restrictions affecting the Greater Brisbane area will be lifted as scheduled.

This means that as of 1:00am on Friday 22 January 2021, Clubs in the greater Brisbane area will revert to existing restrictions in place prior to the lockdown. Specifically, this includes:

  • masks no longer required to be worn by staff and patrons;
  • patrons no longer required to be seated when eating and drinking;
  • patrons again being allowed to dance in accordance with existing restrictions; and
  • a return to the one per two square meter patron density limit indoors.

Again the Club has been asked to reiterate the importance of contact tracing. Therefore, if you are attending the Club and your name is not on the timesheet, you will be required to register your attendance electronically by using your smart phone to scan our QR Code and submit your details. If you do not have a smart phone ask one of our staff to do this for you.

We also remind Members they should maintain all government social distancing and hygiene recommendations and if Members wish to they may continue to wear masks at the Club.

As always if you have any questions please contact myself or our CEO, Geoff Kuehner via reply email.

Kind regards

Mark Deuble, President