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Welcome to the final edition of the News from the Red Tees for 2022.  Following some busy months catching up on our golfing calendar, we are now on the home stretch and the finish line is in sight.  Our reward, some fun golfing days and social events ahead, together with a little time to relax before turning our minds to the festive season.

It’s time for me to pass the baton and as such this is my last Red Tees as your editor-in-chief. I do hope that we have kept you informed and entertained over the last two years, and I sincerely thank everyone who has contributed to our publication.  You have shown incredible enthusiasm to participate in a project that bonds and promotes our ladies’ community.  I am grateful for your support.

Anna Lyons

Note From Member Engagement Group Chair

Dear All,

Our year is rapidly drawing to a close, with most of our golfing calendar finished.

We still however have lots to look forward to. In particular, we have our end of year Annual Presentation which will take on a different format as we move away from the formalities of an AGM, and towards celebrating our year. This is set to be a day of recognising our stars of golf with the presentation of trophies, welcoming in the new Member Engagement Group and reflecting on our past year.  The day will also include a light lunch. I hope you can all join us for this celebration to support your fellow golfers.

The Expressions of Interest Notice for the Member Engagement Group is now displayed in both the Ladies’ locker room, on entry to the Clubhouse, and on the website. We are looking for members who would like to give back to our golfing community by joining the Group and assisting in the activities involved with keeping our great community going. Please consider joining this group of volunteers for the next two years. It is only through your support and assistance that we can continue to maintain and strengthen our great members’ community at the Club.

This will be my final Red Tees entry as I shall retire from my position in the next couple of months. I would like to thank you all for your support over the past two years. The Group will be left in good hands and will continue to ensure the preservation and development of all that is important to us.

Sue Lewandowski,
Chair, Member Engagement Group

Notices and News

BGC v RQ Challenge

On Monday 1st August the Brisbane ladies hosted the ladies from RQ for the annual inter-club challenge.  There were 32 pairs in all from each Club (except for one lady from Brisbane who missed the day – went to RQ instead of BGC).

There was some exceptional golf played with Judy Hamilton and Janet Nathanson being the top scorers for Brisbane with 47 points while Jackie Giles and Mary Durack were the top scorers for RQ, also with 47 points.  Brisbane won the day by 9 points with the totals being 360 to Brisbane and 351 to RQ.

The Tennyson Room was abuzz with chatter after the golf and lunch was well received by all.  It was relayed back to us that we were the talk of RQ the next day – so well-done Brisbane ladies for hosting such a successful day.

Grandmother's Day

Grandmother’s Day was played in conjunction with the 20th Year Anniversary Trophy and the very clever Grandmother was Valerie Webb with a fabulous score of 43.  A very excited and thrilled Grandma who is relatively new to golf.


Pennant Structure 2023

By Woman’s Captain, Janet Nathanson

Friday Pennants:

Yellow Diamond*

  • Number of Players – Seven
  • Individual GA Max 20
  • Players 1, 2 & 3 off the stick
  • Players 4, 5, 6 & 7 full handicap difference


  • Number of Players – Seven
  • Indivdual GA Max 32
  • Team aggregate GA minimum 100
  • All matches played off handicap difference

Weekenad Pennants:

Weekend Gold*

  • Number of Players – Three
  • Individual GA Max 10
  • Players off the stick

Weekend Silver*

  • Number of Players – Seven
  • Individual GA Max 20
  • Players 1, 2 & 3 off the stick
  • Players 4, 5, 6 & 7 full handicap difference

Weekend Bronze*

  • Number of Players – Seven
  • Indivdual GA Max 32
  • Team aggregate GA minimum 100
  • All matches played off handicap difference

* Teams BGC has nominated for 2023 Season

This will be a very interesting season, as we all grapple with the new format.

  • Team nominations will occur at the beginning of the season in 2023.
  • An email will be sent to those members whose handicaps fit the criteria of teams, requesting interest and availability, either for Friday or the Weekend.
  • The pennant squad will probably need to have about 35 players in total.
  • We will only need 24 players on a weekly basis, which will be drawn from this pool, but will obviously need reserves.


Once this list has been created, further communication will be forwarded naming the teams.

Season for Friday Pennants: 21 April 2023 – 9 June 2023

Season for Weekend Pennants: 23 April 2023 – 18 June 2023

Red Tees

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Lee Swings in Some Changes

By Tony Durkin

He will still be seen plying his trade at The Brisbane Golf Club’s practise facilities 2½ days a week, but the teaching career of popular PGA Professional Lee Eagleton has taken a significant diversion.

The former Australian PGA Trainee of the Year has started his own golf simulator business – using Trackman technology for his coaching and training – and in doing so has the total support of BGC management.

“Lee has been teaching at our club for almost a decade and has been an exemplary contractor,” said BGC CEO, Geoff Kuehner.

“But while he won’t be with us on a fulltime basis any longer, despite starting his new business he will still be offering his on-course coaching services – exclusively to BGC – and club fitting expertise to our members 2½ days a week.

“And we most certainly encourage our members to support his new business, which he will operate from excellent state-of-the-art indoor facilities he has established from his home. Lee will continue to be an integral part of our coaching team – both from the club, and at his home.”

Lee said he had been planning to undertake some renos at his home, so the decision was made to incorporate his own business in those plans.

“Making this move was designed to future-proof my career, and my business,” he revealed.

“The standalone building is seven metres by nine metres, and the TrackMan simulator screen is 5 ½ metres by 3 ½ metres. And not only is it big, and state-of-the-art but, significantly, it is weatherproof.”

“I have also established a club assessment area where a player’s current equipment can be tested and adjusted if required, which is something I have a passion for and a skill I can now offer at home, as well as at the club.”

Lee was the first Australian to win the US Southern Amateur and remains one of only two Australians to win that event in its 107-year history. The other was Michael Sim.

He was also a former winner of the Queensland Men’s Amateur Championship, the Men’s Tasmanian Open and the Riversdale Cup, which is the second-oldest amateur golf tournament in Australia.

After playing on the PGA Tour of Australasia and the Asian Tour in the late 1990s, Lee started his traineeship at BGC under Head Professional Murray Lott in 2004, and two years later was named Queensland PGA Trainee of the Year. The same year he was awarded the prestigious Australian PGA Trainee of the Year Award.

Lee’s contact details are:

mobile: 0419 646 909

Upcoming Events


Saturday 1 Medal of Medallists & Consolation Day
Tue 4 - Thu 6 Course closed for renovations
Saturday 8 2-person Ambrose
Tuesday 11 Ladies’ Pink Day
Friday 14 Senior Ladies’ Golf Day | Nine and Dine
Fri 14 - Sun 16 Weekend Away
Tuesday 18 4BBB vs Par
Monday 24 Guest Day/Centenary Formation of Qld LGU
Tuesday 25 Ladies Stableford (multiple tee challenge)
Saturday 29 Ladies Stableford (multiple tee challenge)


Tuesday 1 Mixed 4BBB Stableford and Medley Stableford | Melbourne Cup Lunch
Thursday 3 4BBB Stableford
Saturday 5 Ladies’ Pink Day | Bee Gees Tribute Show
Sunday 6 Brisbane Shield Qualifying Round
Tuesday 8 Ambrose – Teams of 4 | New Member Evening
Thursday 10 Armistice Cup
Friday 11 Senior Ladies’ Golf Day
Saturday 12 Ladies’ Annual Presentation
Sunday 13 Brisbane Shield Quarterfinals
Friday 18 Nine and Dine
Sunday 20 Brisbane Shield Semi-Finals
Tuesday 22 Fun Day
Saturday 26 Ladies’ 4BBB Stableford
Sunday 27 Brisbane Shield Final
Monday 28 Ladies’ Nine & Wine


Friday 2 Kid’s Twilight Christmas Party           
Saturday 3 Ladies’ 4BBB Team Stableford | Christmas Lunch
Tuesday 6 Christmas Lunch
Saturday 10 Annual General Meeting
Saturday 17 Hambrose
Sunday 25 Christmas Day Buffet Lunch

February 2023

Saturday 4 Saturday Open Day
Tuesday 7 Mid-week Open Day


Midweek Results

July Monthly Medal

A Grade – Yvonne Butcher (nett 70)
B Grade – Laura Cunning (nett 72)
C Grade – Jan Castrisos (nett 71)

Best Gross:
A Grade – Hannah Reeves (69)
B Grade – Barbara Lloyd (96)
C Grade – Pip Holmes (105)

August Monthly Medal

A Grade – Robyn Elphinstone (nett 71)
B Grade – Christine McNamara (nett 72)
C Grade – Ann Warden (nett 70)

Best Gross:
A Grade – Hannah Reeves (71)
B Grade – Heather Richards (98)
C Grade – Ann Warden (104)

September Monthly Medal

A Grade – Leigh Frances (nett 68)
B Grade – Lyn Brandon (nett 67)
C Grade – Maria Cocolas (nett 68)

Best Gross:
A Grade – Lynne Conroy (81)
B Grade – Lyn Brandon (67)
C Grade – Lyn Riley (105)

Weekend Results

July Monthly Medal

Divison 1 – Angelina Drakos (nett 77)
Divison 2 – Janine Walker (nett 73)

Best Gross:
Divison 1 – Angelina Drakos (77)
Divison 2 – Margaret Dowzer (100)

August Monthly Medal

Divison 1 – Margot McNee (nett 72)
Divison 2 – Evonne Roll (nett 70)

Best Gross:
Divison 1 – Jodi Holmes (86)
Divison 2 – Natalie Cook (95)

September Monthly Medal

Divison 1 – Margot McNee (nett 74)
Divison 2 – Elaine Jensen (nett 77)

Best Gross:
Divison 1 – Angelina Drakos (85)
Divison 2 – Kathryn Ash (101)

Kerry Cup

Congratulations to this year’s winners: A Grade – Margot McNee, B Grade – Laura Cunning and C Grade – Kay Samios. Well done ladies.

Lay Samios, Margot McNee & Laura Cunning

Nat Green Foursomes

Congratulations to this year’s winners Kate Morgan and Yvonne Butcher – well done ladies. Runners up were Margot McNee and Jodi Holmes.

Yvonne & Kate’s Road to Victory
Yvonne Butcher & Kate Morgan

Johnson Staines Fourball

Congratulations to this year’s winners Jen Berkman and Carolyn Martin – well done ladies. Runners up were Angela Cottrell and Anna Lyons.

Jen & Carolyn’s Road to Victory
Jen Berkman & Carolyn Martin

Nellie Hatton MBE Fourball

Congratulations to this year’s winners Jodi Holmes and Tammy Cole – well done ladies. Runners up were Barbara Lloyd and Cheryl Davies.

Jodi & Tammy’s Road to Victory
Jodi Holmes & Tammy Cole

John Fletcher Trophy

Congratulations to the winners:

  • Div 1 Winner: Angela Fong     Runner up: Jodi Holmes
  • Div 2 Winner: Sue Gargett      Runner up: Maureen Keers
Angela’s Road to Victory
Sue’s Road to Victory
Sue Gargett & Angela Fong

Cherry Cribb

The annual Cherry Cribb competition was held on Sunday 14th August.  There were 7 pairs of ladies from the 6-day group and 11 pairs from the 7-day group.  Winning scores on the day were Julie Argeros and Cynthia Vaughn with a score of 47. The best 6 scores from each side determine the winner with the 7-day ladies winning with 255 to the 6-day ladies score of 244.

Catherine Hammond representing the 7-day ladies and Cathy Reidy representing the 6-day ladies

20th Year Annivesary Trophy

This event was played on Tuesday the 30th of August with the winner being Jan Castrisos scoring 39 points – well done Jan.

Macartney Cup

Congratulations to this year’s Div 1 winners Ann Fell and Lynne Conroy. This is the third time they have won the cup – well done ladies.

Ann & Lynne’s Road to Victory
Ann Fell & Lynne Conroy

Congratulations to this year’s Div 2 winners Jan Hamilton and Marion Mationschek. Well done ladies.

Jan & Marion’s Road to Victory
Jan Hamilton & Marion Mationschek

Captain's Corner

Congratulations for completing the Golf Programme for 2022! A sterling effort from all players. Thank you all for your patience with the many changes to the programme.

Well played to all our winners – a great effort. And thank you to everyone who is out there sharing time with their friends, whether they are your besties or someone new, who is trying to settle into our great Club. This is the heart of our game. 

A time to reflect on the season and to offer special thanks to:

  • David Mason, our new course Superintendent – what a baptism of fire by water! The course is in good hands, and a special thank you is extended to both him and his staff for all their hard work.
  • The lovely warm braziers on cold winter mornings – what a great addition!
  • To Rudy and the ever changing faces of the hospitality staff.
  • To the very capable staff in the Pro Shop under the very competent leadership of Joe Janison, who will do anything possible on request.
  • To all the generous Lady Members who continue to donate their $35 for trophies every year. A list of donors is placed in the Ladies’ locker room to offer you all a quiet thank you.

Special mention needs to be made of our Annual Presentation on Saturday 12 November where we will celebrate the successful end to 2022 with a light lunch, a few short speeches, and awarding of all the silverware. A time to honour our winners and runners-up of all major competitions, and to offer thanks to the very generous donors of prizes to all the winners. Hope to see you all there!

Another couple of things to note –

  • The Club is requesting that you share motorised buggies to minimise wear and tear on the course.
  • The member diary will not be printed for the 2023 season. The diary will be maintained electronically and easily accessible via the app on your phone.

You will be able print a PDF copy of the programme, either on your own personal computer or requesting the office to print you a copy.

I wish you and your families a safe and happy festive season and look forward to your return, fired up for the start of the season in early February 2023 (Open days Saturday 4 February and Tuesday 7 February).

Finally, some wise words from Bruce Crampton

“Golf is a compromise between what your ego wants you to do, what experience tells you to do, and what your nerves let you do.” 

Thank you.

Janet Nathanson,
Women's Captain

Book Review

We love to read...

Reviews by member, Ann Warden

We all love a good book and lately the choice seems to have been endless. Here is a selection which have either been recommended by friends or I have found at Dymocks.  I thoroughly enjoyed these four books. I hope you do too.

The Giver of Stars by Mojo Moyes

This novel is historical fiction inspired by women who were packhorse librarians during the Great Depression. Despite enduring incredible hardship and condemnation from many of the men in their small community, they delivered their books to families in the mountains of Kentucky where in many homes the only book allowed was the Bible. This story is a tribute to how books can change people’s lives.  Definitely 5 stars from me.

Freshwater for Flowers by Valerie Perrin

A moving story of a woman who takes employment as a cemetery caretaker in a small French town. Violette lives alone and keeps a diary of all the graves she has lovingly cared for over the years. She has stories of the people who visit and confide in her. She also tells of her own tragedy and loss and the way she regains her strength to carry on. It is a beautifully written story of friendship, love, grief and hope

The Dictionary of Lost Words by Pip Williams

In 1901 the word ‘bondmaid’ was discovered missing from the Oxford English Dictionary. This is the inspiration behind this work of fiction. The central character, Esme Nicoll, is the daughter of widower, Harry, who is a lexicographer. He works in a shed in his garden which is grandly called a scriptorium. Esme spends her days playing under the word sorting table. One day she rescues a dropped word and decides to keep it. She keeps collecting until she has a suitcase full of dropped or discarded words. Esme says that her case is like a dictionary except it is full of words that no one wants or understands. Her interest in words grows as she matures.  Set mostly in Oxford, this book gives an interesting insight into the creation of the English dictionary. There is also a connection with Adelaide where the author now lives.

Still Life by Sarah Winman

I started to write a review of this book and then decided to take a different approach.

STILL LIFE was recommended to me by a staff member at Dymocks. She was very enthusiastic, so I bought the book and started reading it almost immediately. My initial reaction was one of disappointment as the story seemed to be slow to get started. The absence of quotation marks didn’t help. I put the book aside but decided to try again a few days later. It is 1944 when Ulysses Temper, a young British soldier, meets Evelyn Skinner, a middle-aged art historian during an air raid in Tuscany when they take shelter with other soldiers in a well-stocked wine cellar. This chance encounter leads to a friendship which will span four decades and is the beginning for Ulysses of a love affair with the city of Florence.

There is a cast of quirky characters including a parrot called Claude who quotes Shakespeare. This is a wonderful story of love and enduring friendship.


Around The Traps

Good Golfing!

Congratulations to BGC Member, Hannah Reeves, who recorded her first hole in one while playing in the Bowra & O’Dea Women’s Classic at Royal Fremantle Golf Club in late August.  Charmaine Lee scored an Eagle on the 1st – a great way to start a round of golf! Congratulations ladies and well done for achieving these impressive feats.  Golfing moments to treasure.

Hannah Reeves
Charmaine Lee
Charmaine’s MiScore

Foursomes Fun on the 8th...

Angela put Cheryl on the bridge.
Cheryl returns the favour – straight to bushland from the bridge.


Was this the highlight of Millie’s round?

12th Hole Horror...

Was this the low point of Leigh’s round?


Susie, are you ok?

Welcome Back...

Mr Pelican has returned to the 5th… Welcome home!

Solid effort everyone...

Members Interviewing Members

Jan Dixon and Deb Kember in conversation…

Let’s talk …

Deb, we were contemporaries at Queensland University and I remember that while I was working on my tan at the pool, you were often running laps around the campus. You were always very sporty and energetic! Tell us about your sporting life outside of golf. Hash House Harriers and Masters Swimming for starters.

In my younger years, I was a dedicated tennis player and swimmer. At university, I took up jogging and was a regular in fun runs, working up to a half marathon or two. These days I enjoy a good walk with friends – around the streets or through the bush, occasionally graduating to longer walks. Recently, I resumed my illustrious swimming career at a Masters carnival after 50 years leave of absence.  It’s all about good fun and shared adventures!


You’ve devoted your working life to Education and I’m sure everyone would be interested in the highlights of your career. I hear you are thinking of stepping away from all this. What will you miss and what are you looking forward to?

Fond career memories include working at Moreton Bay College as the Sportsmistress in the 1980’s building up the sporting teams from 1 to 32 and winning 11 GPS premierships. I also enjoyed teaching golf  at the 9 hole course that was once in Wondall Road at Wynnum West. Another highlight is working with academics at QUT on using the internet in schools during the 1990’s when it was all very new, then with the Queensland Department of Education team establishing their first online learning platform in the 2000’s.


I think you are being very modest about your achievements Deb. Just this week, I hear tell you were awarded a Presidential Citation for your services to education, from the National Australian Council of Educational Leadership. Congratulations, that’s very impressive.

Thank you and while I was honoured, I’m still looking forward to a whole lot of new post work challenges and more time for golf!


I heard your parents were members of BGC. Were you inspired to play golf through their love of the game? How long have you been a member of BGC?

My father, Harry Kember, played at BGC for a short time in the 1970’s when we first came to Brisbane from Adelaide.  He has been a regular caddy for me in pennant matches up until recently.  At 93, he still plays at Sanctuary Cove Golf Club and can outdrive husband David at times! My mother, Lorna Kember was at BGC from 1990-1998 after memberships in Sydney and New Zealand. Mum enjoyed her time with the Associates, particularly Robyn Elphinstone, Jan Battersby and Carolyn Donkin. Mum died in 2002 but I still have her 1996 B grade champion’s trophy on display in my study.

After David Prince and I married in 1982, we spent 4-5 happy years at Virginia Golf Club where I met Ann Warden in the women’s beginner golfers’ group. David was planning to join BGC so I joined McLeod because I wanted to be a member rather than an associate of a club. At McLeod I met Pat Sloan and others who are friends today. After 5 years at McLeod, I missed playing in the members mixed events with David, so I joined BGC in 1990.


What do you most enjoy about golf?

I enjoy the eternal challenge of golf as well as the variety of courses and playing options to suit all occasions and moods. From a rambling social round to a well contested skins game, a fierce and friendly team fourball or an intense match play – there is always fun to be had with playing mates.


What do you enjoy doing off the golf course and out of the pool? I know you’re a huge fan of the “Outlander “series. Any other viewing binges of late?

I enjoy the theatre, movies and a good TV mini-series. Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander updates have featured in many golf rounds over the years. Here are a few recommendations for dealing with droughtlander as we await season 7. Catch ‘Çlaire’ in Belfast and Ford v Ferrari  or ‘Jamie’ in The Spy Who Dumped Me, Bloodshot and SAS Rise of the Black Swan. 


By member, Angela Cottrell

On Friday 16th September 53 ladies headed out to play their 4BBB.  Thank you to Robyn Elphinstone for standing in for Liz while she is in rehab following her recent surgery.

At 7.30 the heavens opened, and the rain came down.  Only about 3 players pulled out and after about 2 holes the rain stopped, and it turned into pretty much perfect golfing conditions.  On a side, one of my playing partners (on the 1st hole in the pouring rain) hit 3 trees and a stationery buggy before getting to the green.  Needless to say, that was a pickup for her!

All returned dry and ready for lunch. 

Winners were Coleen Bell and Pip Holmes who won the day with 46 points and Carolyn Donkin and Sharon Dray also with 46 points.  Maureen Keers and Pat Goh were second with 43 points.  Chrissie Gray-Buchanan and Jenny Somers had 42 points and Julie Argeros and Cynthia Vaughn also had 42 points – all coming third.

Well done to all those ladies that stuck it out – real troopers!

Next Senior Ladies’ Day is Friday 14th October.

Anyone (60 +) who has not experienced the Senior Ladies’ golf competition is most welcome. Please contact

Mahjong and Bridge Spring Event

By members, Vivienne Cassidy, Ann Warden and Vicki McDonald (Mahjong Co-ordinators)

Our very successful Spring Event was held on Monday 26 September at the Club with over 40 players. The day started with 2 hours of Mahjong or Bridge followed by a light lunch in the Tennyson Room. To celebrate Spring everyone was encouraged to wear a hat. Prizes were awarded for the best Spring Hat (Robyn Wanless) and the most creative hat (Vivienne Cassidy) as well as highest scores in Mahjong (Leng Ho, Robyn Elphinstone, Ann Warden and Liz Lucas). Life Member Helen Hudson was asked to judge the event and awarded the prizes for the hats.

Please contact Vivienne Cassidy if you would like to learn Mahjong and join our very vibrant and friendly group. It is a great social activity, and we play every second Thursday from 1pm to 3 pm. 

Ladies, Let's Golf

By LLG Co-ordinators, Laura Cunning and Julie Brown

We have recently completed a review of our Ladies, Let’s Golf program to ascertain if the change to a two-tiered program implemented in 2019 (previously three-tiered) has had an impact and we have some great results to share. 

We have had 25 participants complete the program since 2019 of which 18 have joined as members.  This represents a 72% conversion rate which is a great result and those who joined did so within a year of starting the program.  Of the seven that chose not to join their reasons include being busy with family and living some distance from the Club.  The 2-tiered program has resulted in faster and higher conversion to membership.

This fabulous result is due to the parts played by many people at the Club.  Starting with Joe and Asha’s introductory clinics, our office staff processing memberships, the Pro Shop staff helping participants when they need it and the many women volunteers who escort our participants on the course making them feel welcome, sharing their experiences of being a member of the Club and helping them with the etiquette of the game of golf. 

Escorting new golfers and making them welcome is such an important part of attracting women to the game.  And it does not stop there.  Once they join the Club, they are made feel very welcome to competition golf by existing members who join them on the course. 

We extend a very sincere thank you to everyone who has played a part in this result.

Rules and Tips

By Women’s Captain, Janet Nathanson

Relief from Loose Impediments and Movable Obstructctions

In the main we are to play the course as we find it as covered under Rule 8. There are some exceptions including removal of loose impediments and moveable obstructions which are covered under Rule 15.

Loose impediments are any unattached natural object including such things as stones or leaves but not sand or loose soil.

You may remove a loose impediment without penalty but if your ball moves in the process, you must replace it and you get one penalty stroke.

A moveable obstruction is any artificial object that can be moved with reasonable effort including such things as discarded rubbish, a rake in a bunker, and course maintenance ropes and posts.

You may remove a movable obstruction without penalty.  If your ball moves in the process, you must replace it and there is no penalty.

Note you are allowed to do things on the putting green that are normally not allowed off the putting green.  These are covered under Rule 13.1 and include being allowed to remove sand and loose soil and to repair damage such as ball marks, and shoe damage.

If you do remove sand or loose soil or pat it down or repair damage such as ball marks, and shoe damage anywhere but on the putting green you breach Rule 8.1a and incur the General Penalty, that is, two penalty strokes or loss of hole in match play.

Please check the relevant rules for the full details.