Naming of 21 Holes Survey

I hope you have enjoyed the first few weeks of our 125th year. It has certainly been a busy start with our irrigation project commencing and numerous other projects underway or being considered. 

One of those projects is the potential naming of our 21 holes following a proposal received from long term Member, Al Haydock. I believe this has created a great deal of discussion and debate among Members over the past 6 months and it has also been discussed at length by the Committee. The reason we are considering this proposal is that naming the holes may promote appreciation of the surrounds in which the course is set and add to the prestigious nature of the Club. 

While we are very appreciative of the effort that Al has contributed to this body of work, we  are also mindful of the historical significance that would come with the naming of our golf holes. Given this significance and the diversity of views related to this topic, I believe it is essential that all Members are given an opportunity to express their opinion. Thus, a survey has been prepared, and is attached to this message, to obtain your feedback. We specifically would like to know the level of support there is for naming of our 21 holes. Secondly we would like to know if Members agree with the names provided or if they have any other name proposals themselves.

Members can review the full proposal prepared by Al by clicking on the button below. By reading this document you will get an understanding of how the names have been based on the landforms, waterways, fauna and flora of the Club. 

The Committee will subsequently consider these survey results, before making any decision on the naming of holes. I would like to encourage all Members to participate in this relatively short survey. We will keep Members fully informed of the results and the ultimate decision made by the Committee. To start the survey please click on the button below. It will remain open until Monday, 5 April 2021.

If you have any questions please contact myself or our CEO, Geoff Kuehner via


Mark Deuble, President