Get Into Golf Women

Pathway to Membership

This is a restricted membership with the purpose of progressing you towards membership by providing assistance in gaining a Golf Australia handicap. Once you have a handicap, you will be eligible to join medley competitions provided throughout the week. 

It allows you access to social golf as follows:

  • A total of 36 holes of golf per week which may consist of:
    • 2 x 9 holes of golf in designated social time slots.
    • 1 x 18 holes in a Medley competition (Golf Australia handicap required).
  • Entry to Nine & Dine events (Golf Australia handicap required).
  • Entry to Clubhouse.
  • Use of practice facilities including driving range (with purchase of range balls from the Golf Shop).

Conditions of Membership

  • You must have completed Introductory Membership prior. 


  • You have been a Member previously of another golf club or held a Golf Australia handicap. 


  • $900 Membership Subscription.

Assistance to Obtain a Golf Australia Handicap

Once you move to Pathway to Membership we will contact you and work with you to get a Golf Australia handicap.

  • This involves playing with a member who will record your strokes on a card.
  • To obtain a Golf Australia handicap you need 6 x 9-hole cards or 3 x 18 hole cards.
  • Through this process you will be taught how to score and you will be taught some of the rules.
  • This is an introduction to competition play.

Upgrading to Membership

At the conclusion of your Pathway to Membership you will be invited to move to either six day or full membership. The cost to do so is a $1,500 entrance fee and the applicable annual subscription fee due.

Please note the entrance fee payable is $2,900 less any payments you have paid for Introductory Membership ($500) or Pathway to Membership ($900).

Please click here to download a membership application form.