Course Maintenance Update – August 2018

This report provides a summary of the key course maintenance activities conducted at The Brisbane Golf Club during the past month and also provides an estimated schedule moving forward.


  • Cumulative total in July is 0mm

Green Speed 

  • Average of 10.5ft.

Greens Maintenance   

Over the next fortnight my team will be patching out the remaining areas of winter damage on the greens. This needs to be done prior to the spring growth period to ensure the greens recover and transition quickly from winter dormancy.

Subsequently, once the temperature begins to warm up we will start our regular maintenance program of fortnightly sand dustings and monthly needle tine aerifications. This will help stimulate growth and managed organic matter accumulation. This process will continue throughout the growing season and will finish in Autumn next year.

Driving Range and 8th Nurseries

The driving range nursery has completely grown in and has been returned to a regular maintenance program. This green will be ready to use when we commence the summer patching program.

The reconstruction work on the 8th nursery has started. Fresh sand was applied to the green surface prior to last weekend. Once sand has been spread we will apply a soil fumigant to ensure all foreign grass roots are killed prior to replanting. The fumigation process will take 3-4 weeks.

19th Green 

We have started to repair the back of the 19th green, which was used as a nursery to patch the winter damage. The aim will be to have the green prepared and ready to stolonise as soon as the weather permits. We will use the front of the green to propagate the back. This green will be out of play for 10-12 weeks.

Root Pruning 

Our annual root-pruning program started last week. Over the next week the course team will work their way through the course pruning any surface tree roots that may be encroaching into the rough. These tree roots compete with the turf grass for any available water and nutrient, resulting in thin, weak rough grass.

Volunteers Program 

Our volunteers program has been successful over the past three weeks, with around 12-15 members helping each Monday. We have managed to clean up and apply mulch to the native beds around the back nine. This program will continue each fortnight until we have worked our way around the entire golf course. If you are interested in helping please send me an email.

Edging of Greens 

We have recommenced fortnight edging of the greens and outer zoysia collars. This will help slow down any new couch runners entering from the fairways.

Sand Bin Refurbishing

The second half of the sand bins are currently being refurbished and are expected to be back onsite within the next fortnight.

Upcoming Projects

  • Mulch gardens – In progress
  • Paint sand bins – in progress
  • Varnish tee signs



Mitch Hayes, Course Superintendent