Course Maintenance Report – May 2018

This report provides a summary of the key course maintenance activities conducted at The Brisbane Golf Club during the past month and also provides an estimated schedule moving forward.


  • Cumulative total in May is 20mm

Green Speed

  • Average of 10.5ft.

Staff Update

I take this opportunity to welcome George Ruddenklau to The Brisbane Golf Club. George is joining us from New Zealand, where he has worked as a greenkeeper at The Hills, Millbrook Resort and Arrowtown Golf Club.

Greens Maintenance   

With the recent cold snap, the greens have stopped growing which is normal for this time of the year.

Once the greens go dormant our focus is to protect them against wear. In order to achieve this, we raise the height of the cut to 4mm (3mm in the growing season) and reduce mechanical stresses such as mowing and rolling. Our mowing practices have been reduced to twice a week on Wednesday and Friday with only walk mowers used. We will tournament roll every Saturday and do a light roll to remove dew on the remaining days. This program will be maintained throughout Winter.

During Winter we will be resting some holes and re-route the course accordingly using our spare holes. With 65,000 rounds per year any rest we can provide our greens will be beneficial.

The course staff are continuing to patch the parameters of our greens which did not take after our summer patching program. This work will continue over the next few weeks until it is completed.

Tree Roots in Greens

We are currently looking to establish the impact, if any, the large trees on the back of the 1st, 2nd, 6thand 10th greens are having on our greens. It is possible these are a factor in causing the greens to thin. Typically, tree competition is two-fold. They cause a reduction on sunlight from canopy shade and additionally, their tree roots can enter the profile of the green and compete for water and nutrients.  This issue will continue to be investigated and if required the installation of root barriers will be considered.

Tree Maintenance/ Shade Issues

Our tree arborist was onsite recently to prune the gum trees beside the 10th green and on also the left tree line on the 11th hole. The work on the 11th hole will require another half a day to finish, however, it is felt the preliminary work has opened up the left hand side.

Driving Range Nursery and 19thHole Green

The driving range nursery has progressed well and I am happy with the coverage heading into Winter. This stock will be ready to be used for patching works to be completed during Summer. In the interim we continue to harvest stock from the green on the 19th to patch the parameters of our greens, as mentioned earlier in my report.

Landscape Master Plan Review

Our landscape architect, Richard Gardham and his team are close to finalising a draft version of our revised Landscape Master Plan.

Tee Resurfacing and Rock Work around the 5th Dam

The rock work around the 5th dam and tee resurfacing work on the 17th tee has now been completed.

Lifting Turf around the Chipping Green

This project will continue in June 2018.

Additional Turf Areas

The following areas have been re-turfed in May 2018.

These areas include:

  • 15th and 16th garden edge
  • 5th dam bank (along new rock work)
  • 5th rough in front of the ladies tee
  • 4th cart path edge
  • Infill around chipping green garden
  • 10th fairway


Mitch Hayes, Course Superintendent