Vinidex Extends Sponsorship

The Brisbane Golf Club is pleased to announce Vinidex Pty Ltd have extended their sponsorship of the Captain’s Challenge for a further 12 months.

The sponsorship which started in May 2015 is now entering its fourth year.

The Captain’s Challenge was established in 2013 and sees The Brisbane Golf Club set up at its most difficult with anyone who breaks their handicap rewarded with a box of golf balls. At each Captain’s Challenge, a past Club Captain is recognised and acknowledged at the presentation.

A feature of the sponsorship is the partnerships it has created with a number of wonderful charities including the Leukaemia Foundation and The Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia.

The goal is to raise awareness levels of the roles these important charities play in the lives of those Australians affected and to raise some much-needed funding through a variety of activities. Players in the Captain’s Challenge are encouraged to make a donation of gold coins to these charities.

In October 2016, a donation of $15,500 was made to both charities as a result of the Captain’s Challenge and the tennis car parking.

Vinidex Pty Ltd is Australia’s leading manufacturer and supplier of pipe systems and solutions for the transportation of fluid, data and energy. Greg McClure and Ty Morris, both Members of The Brisbane Golf Club, are the representatives for Vinidex Pty Ltd and we thank both gentlemen for their tremendous support of this event.

Upcoming dates for the Captain’s Challenge are as follows:

  • Friday, 27 April
  • Friday 25 May
  • Friday, 29 June
  • Friday, 27 July
  • Friday, 24 August
  • Friday, 28 September
  • Friday, 19 October
  • Friday, 23 November
  • Friday, 21 December