Senior Team’s Challenge

The ‘Senior Team’s Challenge’ will return in 2021 and The Brisbane Golf Club (BGC) is excited to again be participating in the event. The Club is keen to use the competition to enhance our members’ experience while also being competitive.

The ‘Senior Team’s Challenge’ (STC) is a round robin event between teams from nominating golf clubs. The format of play is 18 hole match-play and each group match round consists of four single ‘off the stick’ matches and two 4BBB handicap matches using ¾ handicaps. Typically, the single matches are played by the lower single handicap players, whereas the 4BBB matches are played by higher handicap players. Teams are made up of eight players 55 years of age or older on the day of competition.  Additionally, a minimum of two team members must be over 60 years of age for each round. All players must have a current GA handicap.

It is anticipated the competition will start in late April 2021 and progress over approximately eight weeks. BGC’s home games will generally be played on Thursdays subject to course availability.

Leveraging on the success of our Pennant teams, BGC is raising the status of the STC within our Club. Team shirts will be provided together with post competition drinks and snacks. The team uniform will be the Club supplied shirt and navy shorts or long trousers. The Challenge is a great way to play match-play golf in a supportive team culture.

BGC’s participation in the STC will be managed by Rob Bischof and Rob Brown in consultation with myself.  The two Robs will be the co-ordinators and point of contact for our team(s).

On this basis, BGC is seeking players to play in the Challenge.  To be eligible, players must be older than 55 years and have a current GA handicap less than 18. BGC is seeking to give as many eligible players as is possible the opportunity to play in the STC.

If you are interested, please send an email to Rob Bischof via before 5pm on Thursday, 31 March 2021 providing:

  • Availability (partial availability during the Challenge is OK)
  • Shirt size (e.g. M, L, XL)
  • Age (must be older than 55)
  • GA handicap (must be less than 18)
  • Contact details (mobile, email address).

Additionally, if you have any questions please let me know. All the best.


Alan Grieve, Captain