News from the Red Tees August 2017

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Welcome to the August issue of News from the Red Tees.  Our Ladies’ Club Championships were decided in perfect golfing conditions, and a number of our Honour Board events continue.  

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Notices and News

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Congratulations to Championship Winners


2017 Ladies’ Club Champion, Isabelle Simpson


The finals of our Club Championship were conducted on Sunday, 16 July, in perfect golfing conditions. A gallery of four accompanied the morning A Grade match between defending champion Lynne Conroy and talented junior, Isabelle Simpson. The match was 1 up to Issy after 18 holes. After a short lunch, play of the second 18 holes commenced, with both players putting in strong performances with some exceptional golf played. Issy, however, won 5/4 on the 14th. At 16, she is our youngest ever ladies’ Club Champion, and this was the first time she had competed in any club’s championship event. Congratulations, Issy.

Go to the Latest News on our website to read more about Issy Simpson’s golfing achievements or click here



The B Grade match between Beverley Deane and Ping Liu, and the C Grade match between Vivienne Cassidy and Jenny Somers, teed off behind the A Grade second 18 holes, and a small but enthusiastic gallery of keen spectators followed each group through the afternoon. Bev’s steady golf never faltered, and Ping fought valiantly, however, went down on the 14th, 4/3, in what was an exciting match.



In C Grade, Vivienne clawed back from the brink by winning the 17th and 18th, and took Jenny down the 19th hole.  In her first Club Championships and just three years after graduating from our Ladies Let’s Golf programme, Jenny took out the title of C Grade Champion. A fantastic achievement. Congratulations, Jenny.




Congratulations, Issy

After finishing 4th in the Secondary Schools Girls Championships at City Golf Club, Toowoomba in late July 2017, Issy was named in the Queensland Girls’ Team to compete at the Pacific Games in Adelaide in December. Fantastic achievement. Congratulations, Issy.


Warm-up/Cool-down Area

We have created a small area in the ladies’ locker room for those wishing to stretch before and/or after your round of golf. Yoga mats are provided.


Winkfit “Movement Space”

If you prefer to access the dedicated “movement space”, which is available seven days a week for the use of all members for unsupervised warming up or warming down, or under supervision for strength & conditioning and Pilates, please see the office for an access card. Click here to read about the exciting Winkfit “movement space”.



Supervised sessions start at $29 for a single session or $59 per week for three strength & conditioning sessions and a Pilates class each week. Private sessions with Matt Winkley can also be purchased for $99.  


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Friday
Strength & Conditioning 6pm


Strength & Conditioning


Strength & Conditioning 6pm




Private Sessions available with Matt Winkley

8am and 9am

Private Sessions available with Matt Winkley

9am and 10am


Special Deal – Members who register for a week of supervised sessions before 5pm on Thursday, 31 August will receive their first week absolutely FREE. That’s a saving of $59 and a chance to experience our new movement space at no cost.  

Included in the sign-up is:

  • Access to sessions every week with specific trainer supervision
  • Initial testing including – club head speed; full Titleist Performance Institute screening; waist measurements; hip measurements; weight; golf injuries; golf handicap
  • Nutritional information including access to golf specific data such as current research linking increases in physical performance and the golf swing, hydration and the golf swing and nutrition and playing better golf

If the “movement space” is well supported by the ladies and successful in the long term, an entrance from the ladies’ locker room will be installed, and the partitions will be replaced by permanent walls.  This is an exciting new facility and service for our members, and we hope this opportunity for improving your golf fitness will be enthusiastically embraced.


Annual Subscription Notices

These will be emailed (or posted to those without an email address) on 15 August.  


Trophy Donations for 2018

You will notice on your Annual Subscription Notice an amount of $35 has been included as a Tuesday/Saturday Trophy Donation.  As always, trophy donations are voluntary, and if you do not wish to donate a trophy for a Tuesday or Saturday competition, you simply deduct $35 from your invoice total.

For those who like to donate a trophy for an Honour Board or special event to be presented at our Annual General Meeting, please opt out of the Subscription Notice donation and contact the Trophies Coordinator, Linz Gaskell.  


First Aid and Emergency Response Procedures




In the unfortunate event of an accident or injury on the course or in the Clubhouse, please be aware of the following:

  • Most of the staff are trained in first aid.  
  • If an incident occurs, notify a member of staff and request the First Aid room be unlocked.  
  • If an injury or incident occurs on the course, telephone the Golf Shop to request motorised transport back to the Clubhouse if required.
  • An ambulance may be called as required.
  • An incident form must be completed. These are available at the Office.


Club and Buggy Storage

Additional storage has become available at the Golf Shop for the storage of push carts and golf bags. Please see Joe, Peter or Geoff for further details.


Fetched on the Fairway
Janet Hefferan receiving her “Fetched on the Fairways’ morning coffee from Pete Collins. Where else but The Brisbane Golf Club could you expect such service?


Needing a caffeine hit to enhance your performance? Or a hot chocolate to warm you up? Or maybe you’d like to pre-order a sandwich so you don’t have to queue up in the Member’s Bar?  

  • Place an order via your mobile device during play
  • Easy payment via cash or Club Card
  • Enjoy delivery on-course or pick up at the Members’ Bar on Tuesday/Thursday or the Halfway House on Saturday

Please note: You are unable to use this app during play of ladies’ Honour Board events (refer to Conditions of Play of Honour Board events in ladies’ locker room).

Please note: There have been some changes made to the app (you no longer have to key in your phone/email etc every time you order, and there is the option of picking up your order at the Clubhouse). If you were an “early adopter” and downloaded the app as soon as it became available, you will need to delete it and download the latest version.

Blind Golf Championships









Raeann Shields recently competed in the Blind Golf championships held at Virginia Golf Club and, working as a team with her caddy Julie Anning, she came in runner-up. A fantastic achievement, Raeann. Playing good golf is challenging enough for those of us who can see; playing good golf with a visual impairment is inspirational. Read more about Raeann’s involvement in Blind Golf in the “Golf Plus” section.  

Care of the Course 

Grass grows very slowly in the winter months, and so any damage to our greens and fairways takes longer to repair and this is especially the case in relation to divots. The fairways are soft, and it is easy to create divots. If you make a divot, please repair that divot. It is easy to blame the previous day’s field for unrepaired divots, but a fresh divot dug halfway to China within the red tee markers can only be blamed on a lady golfer. For cart users, make it a habit to take sand with you every time you play a shot. For walkers, make it a habit to fill any unrepaired divots encountered as you walk the fairways. Your co-operation is much appreciated by the Course Staff, and your fellow golfers.


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Upcoming Events

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Joan Fletcher Matchplay Championship – 1st Round qualifying Saturday, 12 August, 2nd Round Qualifying Saturday 19 August

The aggregate of two gross stroke scores are calculated from the qualifying rounds. Eight qualifiers from two divisions play knockout matchplay on the following dates:

Quarterfinals – Sunday, 20 August

Semi Finals – Saturday, 26 August

Finals – Saturday, 2 September


Brisbane Cup – Open A Grade Nett Single Stroke Event – Sunday, 13 August  


Whiskey Night – Friday, 18 August


Kerry Cup Qualifying – Tuesday, 22 August

This honour board event has a nett stroke qualifying round with eight to make the cut in A, B and C grade. Knockout match play will be played on 24 and 31 August. The final will be played on 7 September.


Grandmother’s Day – Tuesday, 29 August

This friendly competition pits “Grandmothers” against “the Rest”. Played as a Stableford, trophies are allocated to the winning Grandmother and the winner of “the Rest”.


Father’s Day Breakfast – Sunday, 3 September

Bring Dad along for a delicious breakfast (choice of three available) prepared by our executive chef, Frederick Marachel. Served from 8am to 11am, the cost is $12.50 for members, $15 for non-members and all Dads are free. Bookings essential, online or at the office.


Tanner Cup – Tuesday 5 September

This is an Open A Grade event held in conjunction with our midweek Monthly Medal.


Save these dates


Friday, 15 September 

Midweek Pennant Players & Caddies golf and lunch – more information to come.


Weekend Pennant Players & Caddies golf & lunch – Sunday, 17 September 

See Barbara Singleton or Di Hall for more information.


Sunday, 17 September – Issy Simpson vs Lawry Flynn

Come and watch our ladies’ and men’s Club Champions battle it out in 18-hole matchplay. The first time in our 121-year history we have two teenaged Club Champions, and watching them go head-to-head will be a showcase of exceptional golfing talent.


Note – the course will be closed from Monday, 16 October up to and including Sunday, 22 October for the playing of the Queensland Open.


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Vice-Captain’s Corner

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Once again it has been a very busy month. There has been some good golf being played in great conditions, and the weather has been glorious.




Club Championships

Club Championship final was held Sunday, 16 July. Congratulations to the winners:

A Grade – Isabelle Simpson

B Grade – Beverley Deane

C Grade – Jenny Somers


Macartney Cup Foursomes

The finals were completed on 3 August. Congratulations to all the qualifiers and winners:

Division 1

Quarter Finals – Elaine Egerton & Julie Whan, Robyn Elphinstone & Kathy Corbiere, Lynne Conroy & Ann Fell, Rebecca Birdsall & Heather Richards, Liz McReynolds & Perin Wood, Anna Lyons & Janet Hefferan, Beverley Deane & June Callaghan, Jodi Holmes & Margot McNee

Semi Finals – Robyn Elphnstone & Kathy Corbiere, Lynne Conroy & Ann Fell, Anna Lyons & Janet Hefferan, Jodi Holmes & Margot McNee

Final – Robyn Elphinstone & Kathy Corbiere vs Anna Lyons & Janet Hefferan


Congratulations to Division 1 winners – Anna Lyons & Janet Hafferan


Division 2

Quarter Finals – Helen Humphreys & Leng Ho, Carolyn Donkin & Beverley Folliott, Trisha Quinn & Berenice Holmes, Janet Lovell & Ann Warden, Alison Dignan & Joyce Ide, Keiko Finnimore & Julie Brown, Susan Gargett & Maureen Keers, Karley Costello & Jenny Johnson.

Semi Finals – Helen Humphreys & Leng Ho, Trisha Quinn & Berenince Holmes, Keiko Finnimore & Julie Brown, Karley Costello & Jenny Johnson.

Final – Helen Humphreys & Leng Ho vs Keiko Finnimore & Julie Brown


Congratulations to the winners of Division 2 – Helen Humphreys & Leng Ho


Nat Green Foursomes

The finals were completed on 5 August. Congratulations to all qualifiers and winners:

Quarter Finals – Catherine Morgan & Leng Ho, Joyce Cheney & Susan Campbell, Debra Calder & Christina Murray, Di Hall & Catherine Hammond, Debbie Kember & Sue Lewandowski, Liz Foreman & Heather McCarthy, Beverley Folliott & Perin Wood, Elaine Egerton & Kerrie O’Callaghan.

Semi Finals – Joyce Cheney & Susan Campbell, Di Hall & Catherine Hammond, Liz Foreman & Heather McCarthy, Beverley Folliott & Perin Wood.

Final – Joyce Cheney & Susan Campbell vs Beverley Folliott & Perin Wood.

Congratulations to the winners of the Nat Green – Joyce Cheney & Susan Campbell.


Di Hall presenting Nat Green Foursomes winner Susan Campbell (absent Joyce Cheney)


Mid Week Monthly Medal – 25 July 2017

A Grade – Jodi Holmes (72)

B Grade – Ann Warden (71)

C Grade – Alison Stump (75)


Weekend Monthly Medal – 15 July 2017

Division 1 – Carolyn Martin (70)

Division 2 – Natalie Cook (75)



After a very long season, pennant is finally complete with Division 6 playing their final match on 28 July at Ashgrove. Congratulations to Ping Liu, Sue Rapson, Jen Berkman, Leanne James, Berenice Holmes, Lyn Brandon and Colleen Hawes for achieving a great result of winning the pennant. Also, our thanks go to their caddies for their support and encouragement. I am sure the players could not have done it without you.

It should be recognised that for some of these players it was their first season playing pennant and, having come through our Ladies’ Lets Golf programme, have only been playing golf for three or four years. I consider this to be a great advert to the success of this programme.


Division 6 Pennant winning team – Leanne James, Berenice Holmes, Jen Berkman, Ping Liu, Angela Fong (c), Pat Sloan (c), Elaine Egerton (non-playing captain), Sue Rapson, Ann Fell (Ladies’ Captain), Julie Brown, Angela Cottrell (c) and BDLGA rep.


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Pace of Play – Five Simple Things for Faster Play

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Some more tips for faster play from

  1. Pay attention to your partners’ shots. If they lose sight of their ball, you can help direct them to it and avoid any searching.
  2. When waiting for the group in front to clear, don’t be strict about order of play. Short hitters who can’t reach the group ahead should go ahead and hit.
  3. Walk at a good pace between shots. If your between-shot gait can be best described as a “shuffle” or an “amble”, you’re probably going too slow.  
  4. Don’t mark lag putts. Instead, putt out if it’s short enough and you won’t be trampling on another player’s line.
  5. Carry extra tees, ball markers and an extra golf ball in your pockets so you never have to return to your golf bag or cart to find one when needed.

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A very warm welcome to our new six-day members Dezlee Risby and Fiona Watson. Dezlee’s husband Bruce is a member, and both Fiona and her husband come to us from the Virginia Golf Club. Welcome, we know you’ll enjoy your golfing experience at The Brisbane Golf Club. We also welcome Lorraine Robinson to LLG Bronze.

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Around The Traps

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Victoria Park 9-Hole Ambrose & High Tea

A very successful morning on Monday, 17 July, when 16 Brisbane ladies paired with 16 ladies from the Victoria Park Golf Complex for a fun 9-hole Ambrose followed by a delicious high tea in the Members’ Lounge. Winners of the comp were Kerrie O’Callaghan and Jane Straker. Thank you to all ladies who volunteered their Monday morning to participate, and special thanks to Vivienne Cassidy and Vicki McDonald for organising this event. It is expected that a number of the Vic Park ladies will take up our Gold membership pathway offer over the next few months.



Where’s the Flag?

It’s often hard enough to find the fairways. Lyn Brandon found it particularly difficult to find the green on Tuesday, 18 July, and where the flag was located was anyone’s guess!  









No Hiding Anymore

While Rudy is ensuring the President and Captain can’t hide at lunch anymore, who isn’t loving his attention to detail with the presentation of the Member’s Bar and Tennyson Room on Tuesdays and Thursdays? The level of service and professionalism he provides for our members is exemplary. We are most fortunate.









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Ladies, Let’s Golf

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We now have over 70 ladies who have progressed through the LLG program, including five who joined last week from the June clinics.  

Thank you to all our escorts this month – we couldn’t run this successful program without you:  Gaby Carniel, Trisha Quinn, Sally Cottee, Helen Woodhouse, Jenny Johnson, Julie Brown, Vicki Hansen, Julie Qhan, Sue Lewandowski, Janine Walker, Lyn Brandon, Colleen Hawes, Tina Winston and Karon Wikman.


LLG golfer Karen Gough with Trisha Quinn


Gaby Carniel (2nd from right) with LLG golfers Julie Lawrence, Lisa Schoutrop, and Christine Crossier


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Postcards From

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Send your photos taken on a recent holiday to for entry in the Best Travel Photo Competition.  

The 2017 competition will close on Tuesday, 14 November and the winner announced at the midweek Christmas Celebrations on Tuesday, 28 November.



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Golf Plus

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Blind Golf

You will remember Raeann Shields shared her story about living with Macular Degeneration in the Red Tees last year. Raeann shares now her involvement in Blind Golf, and in so doing makes us appreciate our golf – good or bad – all the more while raising awareness of vision impairment and disabled sports. Truly inspirational!


Raeanne Shields with her caddy Julie Anning. What a team!


Golfers who wish to compete in Blind Golf competitions need to gain an International Sight Classification. This is not particularly difficult, just a form to be filled out by an optometrist or ophthalmologist which is then submitted to the local Blind Golf Association. There are three divisions in Blind Golf.  B1 is for people who are totally blind, with absolutely no vision. B2 is for those with very low vision. B3 is for those who have more vision but who are still legally blind.  I compete in B2 division.

A Blind Golf handicap is also required.  Four cards need to be submitted to the Association, two rounds of which need to be played with a local Blind Golf member. These, together with your Golf Seek handicap, are used to calculate an International Blind Golf handicap. In these competitions, the highest handicap is, in fact, 54.

There are also some differences in Rules, the most significant being the ability to ground the club in hazards and bunkers.

The role of the caddy is also greatly enhanced in blind golf. Caddies are allowed and indeed required, to set the player up for every shot. I would like to thank my amazing caddy, Julie Anning, for giving up her time. Caddying in blind golf is truly a significant one and the player and caddy need to be a close team for good results to occur. I think I had the best caddy in the competition! Together on the second day, we worked out exactly how to do it. Julie would ensure the putter was properly behind the ball and lined up correctly for the putt and my job was to gauge the correct pace and distance to the hole. I believe we managed two-putts or less on every hole using this technique. We were very pleased with ourselves using our new teamwork method.

I sincerely wish to thank Julie for giving up her time to caddy for me. It was a huge commitment and she was truly amazing. I would also like to thank others who helped me gain my handicap. Vision impaired golfers cannot do anything on their own and require help finding their ball, finding the green, finding the actual pin whilst trying to avoid hazards. This can be particularly time-consuming when two blind golfers play together!

Big thanks also to Elaine and Phil Egerton and Kerrie O’Callaghan in particular, and also to my midweek golfing partners at the Brisbane Golf Club who help me every week.

I would also like to mention how special the Golf Professionals at BGC are. Joe Janison never seems to mind my endless questions and works so hard to help me find solutions to all hurdles. I had many comments about my “beautiful swing” and I believe that is all thanks to Joe and his team.


Update on DeeDee Russell’s International Trip

DeeDee continues pursuing her dream of professional golf, competing in US Amateur Qualifying tournaments in North Carolina and at Pinehurst. Whilst she missed the cut in tournaments, she enjoyed the great golfing experiences, particularly playing on the Champion grass at Pinehurst. After a Golf Australia camp at the beautiful Woodlands Resort in Houston, Texas, she traveled to Ontario and competed in the Canadian Amateur, tying for 36th overall. DeeDee returns to Australia in mid-August and will compete in the Women’s Queensland Amateur Championships at Pacific Harbour Golf Course and to celebrate her 21st birthday on 27 August. Happy Birthday, DeeDee!


Best Wishes, Hazel Martin

We wish Hazel all the very best as she embarks on her exciting journey to the USA to attend college and pursue her golfing dreams. She shares with us what her college journey will entail…



“I will be attending Western Carolina University on the east coast of America. This college is a Division 1 NCAA school, which participates in the Southern Conference. I will be studying Law and Political Science. My golfing schedule is looking very busy as I just received my tournament schedule from my coach. I will start playing in September right through to May. The tournaments are played throughout the Southern part of USA (Florida, Maryland, Kentucky) I will be studying hard to make sure I maintain a good grade point average as well as trying to make the top 10 in each tournament.

I have big aspirations for my college journey, one of them being in the top 100 NCAA ranked players and then furthering on to play professionally.

I would like to mention some people who have helped me realise my dream. Firstly, a huge thank you to Lee (Eagleton) for not only being my coach but a mentor, thank you for believing in me and for your continued support.

Secondly, I would like to thank the Brisbane Golf Club especially the people in the pro-shop and the Ladies Committee for being so welcoming and supportive.”


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