Saving Shots Inside 50...

Short Game Master Class

The nuances from 50 metres to the green….

  • When to fly it
  • When to skip it (counting bounces)
  • Trajectory versus roll (control the carry, control the total distance)
  • Angle of attack, face angle, swing path, using the bounce
  • What am I telling the ball?

Chipping (no not small potatoes, much more important!)

Pitching (a lofty ideal, not ordeal!)

Bunker (no not the place to hide!)

Putting (fewer than 29 p l e a s e!)

Shot selection is paramount… then choose the club!

Discover what you are capable of around the green, knowing which shot gives you the best margin for error, executing positively even though you are in close!

Limited to 6 students – 3 hours duration

Please email Joe Janison with your name and contact details to book.