Golf Core – Weekly session to commence 7 June

Members are invited to attend our GolfCore sessions which will commence on Monday, 7 June 2021.

Matt Winkley from Winkfit has teamed up with professional golfer and exercise physiologist, Gennai Goodwin to deliver the sessions. At its centre GolfCore is a mixture of all the best bits of mobility, pilates, yoga and bodyweight and band strength work designed to improve the athleticism of each participant.

There will be four sessions held each week and they will run for approximately one hour. The classes will be regularly tweaked to keep them fresh and interesting and are designed to be inclusive. Size, shape, fitness, age and ability will not limit participation.

Participants will need to bring their own yoga mats and water bottle but other than that, Winkfit will supply any other equipment that is required.

Session Times

  • Monday 9am (Ladies Only)
  • Monday 4:30pm (Mixed)
  • Wednesday 8am (Ladies Only)
  • Friday 8am (Mixed)


All payments will be made via direct debit and controlled by WINKfit. Simply click on a link below to complete a direct debit form. WINKfit have no lock in contracts and with a weeks’ notice can cancel any payments.

We have made the sessions very accessible from a price stand point as follows:

The links above are very straight forward and you only need to know to;

  1. Use your last name as the “reference”
  2. Choose to start the debits on Monday after their first week of training.

If you are unsure please arrive at your first class 15 minutes early and we will be able to provide assistance.


Each session will be capped at 20 people to start with. This will allow us to ensure a high quality of service and that there is enough equipment to go around.

Bookings are to be made via the Gym to Green (G2G) app which is the golf arm of WINKfit. By opening this email on your phone and clicking the link below you’ll be directed to download the app.

BOOKING APP – Gym to Green

Download the app and click “sign up”. Once you have signed up it will ask you to select “Gym to Green” from a drop-down menu.

I look forward to seeing as many Members as possible enjoy these wonderful service being provided by WINKfit.

Kind regards

Geoff Kuehner, CEO