2021 Shootout

The Brisbane Golf Club held the final of its 2021 Shootout in November after 12 qualifying rounds of which the 4 best stableford scores during these qualifying rounds were used to determine the top 19 players.

The 2021 Shootout was won by Kristen Poole. See below for further results:

T18 – $10 to Richard Bennett and Greg Braun
T16 – $15 to Deb Kember and Brian Richardson
T14 – $20 to Rod Knight and Peter Withey
T12 – $30 to Jeff Milgate and Al McNee
T10 – $40 to Yvonne Butcher and John Caris
T8 – $60 to Craig Madigan and Mike Murphy
T6 – $80 to Peter Walker and Rob Tathem
T4 – $100 to Carolyn Martin and Peter Giesemann
T2 – $130 to Nick Campbell and Alan Grieve
First – $370 to Kristian Poole (winner)
Below is a basic description on how the shootout works.

The event is a 19-player shootout to be played on Sunday 7 November 2021, commencing at 10.30am.

Each player will be given a ranking number from 1 to 19 from their position on the leaderboard.  Each of the 19 players will have their ranking number printed / marked / inscribed on their individual golf ball(s) to be used for the duration of the shootout

Each of the 19 qualifiers will play off the lowest GA handicap they played off on their best 4 qualifying rounds.  The daily handicap will then be calculated based on the course in play on the final.

Handicap shots in the Shootout Final will be as per the stroke index on the card for the course to be played. E.G. if you are playing off a daily handicap of 11, then you will receive shots on holes with handicap stroke indexes of 1 to 11.

Men to play off the Blue Tees, Ladies to play off the Red Tees, with the exception of any Centurion eligible members can choose which set of tees from which they wish to play.  Daily Handicaps will be calculated for the course and tee colour to be played on the day.

The 2 x highest nett scores for each hole will be eliminated.  In the event of three or more players having the equal highest nett score, there will be “Chip Off / Putt Off” from a point to be determined on the day.  The player(s) who finishes furthest from the hole will be eliminated.  If a player’s chip shot fails to make or stay on the green, then they will be eliminated unless more than 1 chip shot fails to make or stay on the green, in which case those players will be asked to chip again.

Order of play from the tee will be in reverse order of ranking of those still remaining i.e. 19th to 1st.  Order of play for the “Chip Off / Putt Off” will be from highest ranking to lowest of those still remaining i.e. 1st to 19th.

The Shootout Champion will be the last player remaining in the competition after the 9th hole.